Why some young Nigerians are utilizing marijuana as a typical part of life

Marijuana is prohibited in Nigeria. Its production, circulation and usage are criminalised by regional laws. Cultivated primarily in southern Nigeria, the drug is economical and easily offered through street drug-running. Marijuana users are likewise extensively viewed as social deviants, and are accountable to jail and jail time.

In spite of the preconception and risk from the law, making use of marijuana in Nigeria is growing quick. Research studies reveal that it ranks simply listed below alcohol as the 2nd most utilized psychedelic compound in Nigeria. It is primarily utilized by individuals aged 25-39 years.

In my current research study causing 2 publications, I checked out access to leisure drugs, and the aspects that motivate and inspire young people in an eastern Nigerian city to utilize marijuana. My research study likewise took a look at marijuana normalisation amongst users and their socials media. I tape-recorded how the individuals link marijuana to their scholastic, leisure, social and sporting lives.

It is essential to comprehend why youths are utilizing drugs, and if policy and legal structures are to be efficient in lowering any damage. My findings reveal that marijuana is easily offered in the city where I performed our interviews, and it is quickly available.

Marijuana has lots of usages

For my research study, I picked 23 boys and ladies who were either university undergrads or graduates who utilize marijuana. I interviewed them to discover their practices and why …

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