Why Should I Use Pure CBD Oil?

How much time do you have? I can write a whole friggen book on why we might use pure CBD oil in our daily lives.

Before you immediately stop reading, don’t worry, I’m only gonna talk about three things CBD can be useful for in this post nor does Pure Hemp CBD make any claims on how CBD can cure this or that. CBD is still in it’s infancy stage of research and we cannot make any claims until it is FDA approved.

Disclaimer: Pure Hemp Shop makes no claims that CBD can cure, treat, or prevent any illnesses, whether that is mental, physical, or emotional. All data here was provided from customer experience with our products. If your pet has any serious medical issues we recommend you consult your veterinarian. Pure Hemp CBD Products are only designed to help promote an overall sense of wellness only.


There are already medicines being manufactured in other countries that are given to patients with chronic seizure problems. NO surprise that the U.S. is behind the curve on that front, but at least we can still buy CBD products to help mitigate the effects of seizures.

A recent study conducted by the American Epilepsy Society showed that in both children and adults with recurring seizures, the introduction of CBD resulted in a seizure reduction of more than 45%! That’s impressive, and goes to show that CBD ca be incredibly valuable. 

Promoting a Sense of Relaxation

Pure CBD oil is used widely known in the United States to promote a sense of relaxation. While we cannot make any claims that prove CBD helps relieves stress we can tell you to check out all of our customer reviews and see all the amazing personal experiences our users have had.

Future Research on Pure CBD Oil

As stated in our beautifully red highlighted disclaimer, we cannot make any claims on the benefits of CBD even though they it’s highly tempting.

There are many case studies on how pure CBD oil has helped many people in their health ailments and you can go ahead and look those up yourself. We can say that the CBD industry is being scrutinized heavily right now on whether these health benefits are legit or not, and we here at Pure Hemp CBD are very excited to see all the research show what all our customers are already experiencing.

If you’re looking to find out for yourself what pure CBD oil may do for you, I recommend these great CBD oils

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