Who Can Benefit From CBD? Part 2

Benefits of CBD

In part one we discussed how CBD could potentially help those who deal with stress and anxiety, and how it could offer pain relief to those affected by constant inflammation caused by arthritis and athletic tissue damage. If you missed it check out the link here.

With this article we will be covering a few more ailments that CBD has been shown to help address. Research is still ongoing about the potential benefits of CBD and all of the people (or animals) it could help, so let’s jump straight into it.


Sleep is an integral part of our health and one of the ways our body maintains its homeostasis and overall wellbeing. Some people look at sleep as wasted time and try to limit it as much as they can, thinking they will increase their output when more working hours are available to them. However, studies have shown that while we sleep, our bodies undergo an active period of restoration, information processing, and general healing. With the recommended amount of sleep an adult should be getting being anywhere from 7-9 hours a night, it will do anyone justice to set aside time to make sure they get an adequate amount of sleep.

But what about those that can’t get a decent sleep, no matter how hard they try?

Poor sleep and sleeping disorders such as insomnia are a constant issue for 30% of the U.S. population, which is a huge problem since getting quality sleep is heavily associated with improved memory function, hormonal regulation, reduced levels of inflammation and stress, increased mood and increased overall quality of life. Not being able to get a good night’s sleep can severely impact your cognitive ability, motor skills, decision making, decrease athletic performance, and just make getting through the day a lot tougher than it needs to be.

While there are prescription sleep aids on the market, could CBD possibly help those in need of better rest at night?

How Can CBD Help With Sleep?

While there are conflicting reports between the findings in scientific studies and the anecdotal evidence of regular CBD users in regards to sleep at this point in time, it can be safely inferred that the use of CBD definitely helps people suffering from sleep disorders in a more indirect way. By helping to improve the conditions of chronic pain, anxiety, depression – conditions linked to sleep deficiency – CBD can definitely be looked at as playing a supporting role in sleep aid.

There are also many products coming onto the market now that have formulas specifically designed to help people sleep a bit easier through the night. Creating formulas with specific compounds, terpenes, vitamins, and other essential nutrients that have been shown to aid in sleep can bled with CBD in order to contribute to a deeper, more peaceful sleep. If interested in finding out more on these products, check out our CBD for sleep page for additional information.

CBD and your Immune System

As discussed in our article CBD in Depth, cannabinoids found in both hemp and marijuana interact with the endocannabinoid system (ECS), a network of cannabinoid receptors that work to regulate most functions in the human body and maintain overall balance, or homeostasis, within the system.

We must point out that there is no medical expert alive that can tell us the exact workings of the immune system since we are continually discovering new findings thanks to continued research. But according to several studies, it is clear that cannabinoids and the ECS have an influence over the overall immune system and CBD in particular has the potential ability to balance two major components of the immune system: namely the humoral response and the cell-mediated response.

These responses are different ways that the body can seek out and neutralize dangerous pathogens, and both need to be working in conjunction with one another in order for the immune system to be working efficiently. Things start to become problematic when these two sides disconnect and get out of sync with one another, with serious autoimmune diseases occurring in which cells that are normally programmed to target pathogens will being to attack and destroy healthy cells and tissues.

According to several studies (references listed below), one of the ECS’ major roles is regulating and maintaining proper communication between these two immune system responses. In this way, administration of CBD and stimulating the ECS would result the improved health, function, and overall balance of the body’s immune system.

CBD and Pets

We can’t leave our animal companions out of the loop on this one. It may be shocking to learn, but dogs and cats both have cannabinoid receptors throughout the body and can potentially benefit from its use just like we can!

Just as we have come to find out that stimulating the ECS can bring with it feelings of relaxation, decreased bouts of stress, and overall improvement in mood and health, these same effects can be felt by our furry friends as well. Because of its anti-inflammatory effects, CBD can very well help in treating any of the following symptoms your pet may have, including:

  • Arthritis
  • Nerve-related pain
  • Intestinal inflammation
  • Asthma
  • Pancreatitis
  • Chronic pain and discomfort

This natural remedy has also been shown to help pets boost appetite and reduce anxiety.

CBD: The Bottom Line

CBD products can have a multitude of different beneficial effects depending on the person or animal taking them. While we here at CBDVapeGenius do wholeheartedly believe that CBD can be a great add-on to anyone’s daily life, it would be a good idea to make it a point to speak with a physician or another clinical professional regarding CBD use for your conditions or lifestyle.

As always, make sure you do your own research and use CBD under your own judgement, as research is still in its initial stages regarding these compounds and ongoing. There is no outward claim or guarantees that it will be effective for your particular condition, so be sure to use at your discretion.

Check out our line of products here in order to get a better understanding of what they can do for you and which one would best suit what you’re looking for and best complement your life.








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