Where To Buy CBD Oil in Pennsylvania?

CBD products are available in local stores and online, but the kind of product you get varies. When buying CBD products, the last thing you want is to buy the products from any store. You have to consider whether CBD is legal in your state, where the store sources its hemp, etc. Don’t gamble with your health, instead learn about CBD and where to source it. 

Is CBD Oil Legal in Pennsylvania?

Cannabidiol is said to have tons of benefits, but its legality is always in question. The therapeutic product has consumers all over the world, which is why it requires regulation. One of these regulations is decriminalizing its use in different states. According to the 2018 Farm Bill, CBD hemp oil is legal in the country, including Pennsylvania. This means you can purchase CBD hemp oil without your doctor’s recommendation.

However, the state requires that all CBD oil sold in the state needs to have a very low THC content (0.3% to be precise).  THC is a cannabis compound that’s associated with the euphoric or high effect often experienced by marijuana consumers. 

Although the state agreed to enforce the 2018 Farm Bill, marijuana for recreational use is still illegal in Pennsylvania. Any individual found in possession of cannabis while in the state risks 13 months imprisonment and a $500 fine. The marijuana laws in this state are strict that even medical marijuana consumers require a doctor’s recommendation. 

Pennsylvania began working on a patient program in April 2016 and opened it in 2017. As of 2020, dispensaries are now operational in Pennsylvania for medical marijuana cardholders can purchase. These stores will not risk losing their licenses; thus, they will request for an ID and a medical recommendation for medical marijuana. You’ll need a formal document that’s signed by a physician to buy CBD products with higher THC content. 

Online shopping presents a more convenient way to adhere to the current marijuana laws and access good quality CBD

Where To Buy CBD Oil in Pennsylvania Online

Honestly speaking, the best place to purchase high quality CBD oil in Pennsylvania is online. You have likely seen gas stations and countless other stores that do not specialize in this product are now offering it. Sadly, most of these products are not of a high quality. When you compare them to the products that you can find online you will find that there is a great deal of difference in the price. While it always feels good to get a great deal, it is also important to remember that you usually get what you pay for. The products that can be found in gas stations and other stores are cheap because they are not what they say they are. Find a quality company online like American Hemp Oil so that you can have confidence in the purchase that you are making.

CBD: What Every Buyer Should Know 

While Pennsylvania has embraced CBD and the number of physical stores continues to increase, consumers still doubt the efficacy of the products. Physical stores display as many products as they can, and in most cases, the THC content in these products is untested. Some of these products have more than the recommended low THC content. Products with more than 0.3% THC content are considered to be beyond legal limits. They could have the same ‘high’ effect as cannabis

If you wish to buy CBD oil in Pennsylvania, you can try shopping online where you can compare brands, prices, ingredients, sources, and even 3rd party reports. Online stores present a convenient way to buy these products and authenticate the products before you make the purchase. 3rd party testing makes it easy to evaluate the products and whether they meet the set guidelines. Remember that the FDA has no specific guidelines, but by reviewing the third-party testing reports, you can make better decisions about the products you consume. 

You want to buy from a transparent seller like American Hemp Oil, who uses American grown hemp. Pay attention to the concentration of CBD in the products you choose and check how the CBD is extracted. CBD extracted by using CO2 under high pressure combined with extremely low temperatures produces more CBD, and it has no contaminants. 

Cheaper isn’t always better; thus, don’t let the cheaper price listed by some of the online retailers influence your decision. Buy the CBD products because they have the cannabis compounds as you prefer, grown in the US, and extracted using CO2. 

AHO CBD Products in Pennsylvania 

American Hemp Oil has 5 CBD products which include:

CBD Gummies 

CBD gummies are among our most popular products. Our customers prefer them over the rest due to the taste. We use natural flavors to develop a tasty and discreet way to consume your daily CBD.

Here at AHO, we understand that CBD is important to your daily lifestyle, and we’ve produced some of the finest gummies on the market. These CBD gummies meet the less than 0.3% THC content as they contain zero percent THC. 

CBD Oil for Pets 

Your dog or cat deserves the same care that you enjoy, among which is CBD oil. Pets don’t have the same life expectancy as humans, and after a few years, their immune systems begin to slow down. They become less alert, nervous, develop allergies, and other complications. 

It’s painful to something you hold so dear suffer when you can help by giving your pet CBD oil

CBD Capsules 

Sticking to a consistent dose is hard when you’re consuming CBD oil. Occasionally, you’ll consume more or less than prescribed. However, CBD capsules are a convenient way to stick to the recommended dose. Once consumed, the CBD is delivered directly to your system; thus, you can enjoy its benefits without waiting for too long. 

CBD Cream 

Each of our creams comprises a rich CBD formulation that targets the area applied. Ingesting CBD products is different from using CBD cream. The former has no specific target while the latter targets the areas it is applied to. 

CBD Hemp Oil 

CBD oil is widely sought for its benefits, which may include pain relief, inflammation, etc. We seek to provide our users with the best quality CBD oil by sourcing it from Colorado and extracting through CO2. 

Why You Should Buy Your CBD Products from AHO

We aim to be your go-to store for CBD oil in Pennsylvania; we ship our products as soon as possible and offer free-shipment. A quick scroll down the product page, you will see the ingredients in the products and guide on how to use the product. We also have a 3rd party testing report that should detail everything you might want to know about our products. We are proud to say that we’re among the best CBD brands in the US. We’d like to remind you that our products are not the cure to your ailments, but you could enjoy some of the reported benefits. 

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