What is Hemp Used For?

The Hemp plant has so many uses, it’s mind-boggling to wrap your head around why it’s been so hard for farmers to grow it as a crop in the US.

Hemp is an attractive rotation crop for farmers. As it grows, hemp breathes in CO2, detoxifies the soil, and prevents soil erosion. What’s left after harvest breaks down into the soil, providing valuable nutrients.

Hemp requires much less water to grow, and no pesticides, so it is much more environmentally friendly than traditional crops.

Hemp can be grown as a renewable source for raw materials that can be incorporated into thousands of products. The stalks grow strong fibers that can be used in things like: animal bedding, mulch, chemical absorbent, fiberboard, insulation, concrete, rope, netting, canvas, carpet, biocomposites, clothes, shoes, bags, biofuel/ethanol. paper products, cardboard, filters, and so much more!

The seeds of the Hemp plant provide a valuable resource for bread, granola/cereal, milk/dairy alternative products, protein powder, fuel, lubricants, ink, varnish, paint, dressings, margarine, body products, cosmetics, animal food, and flour.

The flower of the Hemp plant is generally where most of the cannabinoids and other health benefits are extracted from to make products like those found here at Get Some Hemp.

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