What is Hemp?

There tends to be a lot of confusion surrounding the question “What is Hemp?”. We hear many of the same questions over & over:

  • Can Hemp get you high?
  • Isn’t Hemp just another name for Marijuana?
  • I see large bottles of “Hemp Oil” at the grocery store, isn’t that what you’re talking about?
  • Isn’t Hemp illegal?

The short answer for “What is Hemp” is this:
Hemp is a strain/genetic branch of the Cannabis plant. Genetically Hemp and Marijuana are the same family of plants, however, Hemp is defined by more of a political definition than anything else. The 2014 Farm Bill defined Hemp as Cannabis Sativa containing less than 0.3% THC by weight.

To quickly and briefly answer those other questions above:

Can Hemp get you high?

No. By definition, Hemp products contain less than 0.3% THC and unless you intend to consume abnormally large quantities of Hemp products containing the maximum THC possible, it would require drinking multiple cups full of oil that are sold with suggested serving sizes measured in drops. The worst side-affects that have been linked to consuming too much Hemp Extract oil are very similar to the side affects of consuming too much vegetable oil (nausea, headaches, VERY lubed bowels).

Isn’t Hemp just another name for Marijuana?

No. Marijuana’s primary purpose is to provide THC along with the other cannabinoids that are shared in common with Hemp. Hemp’s primary purpose is to provide the non-psychoactive cannabinoids (everything but the THC).

I see large bottles of “Hemp Oil” at the grocery store, isn’t that what you’re talking about?

No, the Hemp oil typically found in grocery stores throughout the country today is Oil produced from Hemp Seeds, not an Extract from the Hemp Plant itself. Read a little more HERE about the difference between Hemp Seed Oil and Hemp Extract Oil.

Isn’t Hemp illegal?

Short answer: No. However, there are a few qualifying criteria that have to be met to guaranty it’s legality.

  1. The Hemp Plants that the raw oils are extracted from must be grown in a state that allows the growth and production of Hemp products and does so under the authority and permission of the Farm Bill of 2014 and more recently the 2018 Farm Bill.
  2. The oils extracted from the Hemp plant must have certificates confirming that it contains less than 0.3% THC by weight.

If those criteria are met and you have access to the lab results proving such, then the Hemp Extract products made with those raw goods are legal by federal definition. For a more detailed run-down, read this informative article:.

so long as CBD is extracted from hemp and completely pure and grown by licensed farmers in accordance with state and federal regulations, it is legal as a hemp product.

Now That Hemp Is Legal, Is Cannabidiol (CBD) Legal Too?

If you’d like a little more informative history of Hemp and it’s drama, I recommend reading this article by Dr. Roger Trubey, Dr.PH, MPH, and Doctor of Integrative Medicine titled: CANNABIS and CANNABIDIOL OIL (CBD OIL)

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