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Cats, much like dogs and humans, are also equipped with an endocannabinoid system. Can they experience the benefits of CBD?

From beauty stores to pet stores, CBD products are everywhere. Animals, like us, are equipped with an endocannabinoid system, leading researchers and businesses to believe that they can also experience the benefits that we experience when consuming CBD.

According to some brands, when it comes to CBD’s effect on cats, the compound can help them relax, provide pain relief, reduce aggression and help them manage their stress. But how accurate are these statements?

Many CBD brands claim that their products can provide relief for cats suffering from different kinds of ailments, especially once they’re seniors and facing conditions like arthritis, which can influence their behaviors and cause them to become anxious.

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Changes in environments, like the ones produced by the pandemic where suddenly people are spending more time at home or moving households, can also affect cats’ behaviors; their anxiety and stress might be expressed through poor grooming and eating habits. CBD’s anti-inflammatory and stress relieving properties might be a good option for treating these symptoms without causing meaningful side effects.

you could be passing down personality traits to your cat

you could be passing down personality traits to your cat

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