Very long time cigarette smoker, chose to provide it approximately receive Pilots Licence

Been a cigarette smoker for years, most likely smoke 25,000 joints in my life.

Entered into pilot training still cigarette smoking, however saw the Canadian policies state can’t smoke for 28 days prior to being on flight team.

Draws however I needed to suck it up and go cold turkey. Cannabis is fantastic since it’s most likely the most convenient drug to stop when you require to. I was actually edgy very first 2 days, and after 3 day of rests, the really vibrant dreams began starting, and I understood it was primarily out of my system. I might quickly justify continuing to smoke, and conceal it however it figure the policies are there for a factor.

After about 4 days I feel fantastic and understand If I adhere to the strategy and actually enjoy flying, will be great.

My short-term memory for names and number series is trash now, so it will take me a couple of months to re-train my brain to keep in mind approximate things.

The last thing I desire when I’m doing my check flight with inspector is to be fumbling and doing stoner things. Typically it’s time to carry on from it.

The trade off is that I get to be a pilot and fly my household around without seeming like an imposter. And have really cool dreams.

I altered my Dating apps from trying to find puff partners to trying to find non drug users bc I do not wish to regression.

Desire me luck!

PS if/when I lose my medics, certificate or retire from flying …

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