USADA ‘basically’ removing cannabis usage as UFC offense

The UFC has “basically” struck cannabis as a punishable offense in its anti-doping policy, the promo and anti-doping partner USADA stated Thursday.

Starting retroactively Jan. 1, a favorable drug test for carboxy-THC, the psychedelic active ingredient in marijuana, will no longer be thought about an infraction– unless USADA has the ability to show that a professional athlete deliberately utilized it for performance-enhancing functions, according to a press release.

UFC senior vice president of professional athlete health and efficiency Jeff Novitzky informed ESPN that the choice indicates USADA’s concern of evidence on any favorable drug tests for marijuana would be very high, “basically” de-emphasizing cannabis sanctions entirely. Novitzky stated USADA would need to show a fighter was “impaired” due to marijuana simply prior to the battle in order to enforce a sanction.

” I can’t consider one circumstances in any historic cases where that proof has actually existed,” Novitzky stated. “It would most likely need visual indications if the professional athlete appears at an occasion stumbling, smelling like cannabis, eyes bloodshot, things like that. Which’s … something you seldom, if ever, see. I definitely have not in my 6 years with the UFC.”

Even if USADA did discover such proof, Novitzky stated the fighter in concern would likely get an admittance into a treatment program instead of a suspension. [Read more at ESPN]


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