Tips on How to Grow Bushier Buds from a Marijuana Farmer

tips for growing bushier buds

When it concerns growing weed, there’s a great deal of things to think about. From genes to environment, from bugs to absence of perseverance. It takes a very long time to get a great quantity of weed from a seed and it’s a bit frustrating that after whatever is stated and done– you get airy buds.

The denser the nugs, the more “worth per square foot” you get for your crops. For instance, a buddy of mine just recently cropped out– yet his however that looked like a great deal of volume– ended up being around half of what he believed he had.

His issue was because of cropping out too early– however I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s take a better take a look at how we can guarantee that we have the greatest, bushiest buds readily available.

Many Typical Factors for Flimsy Buds

There might be a number of elements that enter into play that might affect the density of your buds. Here’s a list of the most typical concerns.


Light is vital for the buds to grow. Oftentimes, when there wasn’t sufficient light circulation throughout the vegetative phase– no matter what you do, the buds will not dense-out. Marijuana has the capability to endure in low light conditions– other than, it compensates with the density of the nugs.

If you’re growing inside, the very first idea would be to get a more robust light. HPS or High-Pressure Salt has actually been the requirement for several years, however more recent light innovations are making the choices even more intricate.

If you wish to know more about lights– I advise you read this.


The next aspect we should take a look at is genes. Often, pressures simply produce airy buds. Sorry, it takes place. Sativa plants– generally have taller lankier leaf with more airy buds compared to Indica pressures that are brief and bushier. For that reason, if you’re going to be purchasing weed for the sake of getting denser nugs, I ‘d advise either a pure indica or some hybrid.

A lot of plants nowadays are hybrids anyways.

Temperature Level:

Marijuana likes things a bit on the chillier side. If it gets too hot, buds will not end up being as thick as they could. In addition, heats might turn the plant into a hermie, making it seedy and interfering with the effectiveness.

Keeping your blooming location at a cool 85ºF (30ºC) max is where it’s at. In truth, if you wish to make your plant pop– you’ll wish to drop it down to the 60ºF area.


If you’re utilizing nutrients, the perfect combination for denser buds throughout blooming are Phosphorous and Potassium. You’ll wish to have less Nitrogen throughout this stage. Nitrogen is fantastic throughout vegetative phase though.

Nitrogen in the blooming phase might turn the buds “airier”. In addition, a shortages can likewise lead to poorer bud advancement. Hence, ensure your nutrient video game is on point.

Area and Air Flow

You’ll wish to area your buds by separating them from each other. If you do this, you provide the marijuana a possibility to puff out. This likewise enables some air flow to get in and more light. These are the conditions you require to grow larger phatter buds. To guarantee that you’re getting ideal outcomes, attempt to area a minimum of a couple of inches in between your sodas and do not let it share leaf with other nugs.

More Ways you can affect Nug Density

Now, let’s discuss some other concerns that can assist increase nug density.


As I pointed out previously. My buddy had a beast plant growing in his home. When he gathered– the nug density was miserable to state the least. What took place? He cropped out nearly a month prior to he was expected to.

To be reasonable, he was required to because a nasty invasion of aphids took a hold of his plant– however it is very important for you to wait. My very first terrace bud was airy too for the very same factor. So have Perseverance Daniel-san.

Drying and Treating

Drying the plants too quick and not treating in a glass container might likewise be partially to blame for your airy buds.

Larger Containers

Something I can certainly inform you is that if you have a larger container, you’ll have a larger plant. If you have a larger plant– you thought it– larger nugs! Get a pot that can sustain a bigger plant and you’ll get bigger nugs.


CO2, Density Boosting Nutrients– these are all choices that you must think about if you’re searching for powerful huge nugs. CO2 can be included by getting some solidified carbon dioxide, confining the plants and dropping the solidified carbon dioxide into some water. CO2 at evening’s will certainly increase density and effectiveness.

Excessive water

Lastly, if you’re constraining the root system by overwatering– you’re putting excessive stress on the plant to produce those nugs of happiness. Discover a best watering schedule and stay with it. Your plants will thank you by offering you denser nugs.


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