Tips for Keeping your Mind Occupied

Are you running out of things to keep your mind occupied with? We’re shifting gears a little bit right now to offer some tips. Some of our tips include the addition of Canna Trading Co. Hemp CBD Tinctures; others are just fun little things that the whole family can participate in. Kids are probably getting a little tired of being stuck at home and might be running out of things to do. We’ve got some ideas for them too.

Craft Kits

Check with local craft stores and independent local crafters. Many are offering craft kits for families, children and adults. The kits will come with all of the items necessary to complete the project. Not only do these help with creativity, they can give your mind a boost.

Don’t worry about how it turns out. The important thing is that you completed the project and it kept you busy. You’ll have something to show off on social media. Your friends and family might ask where you got the kit. This might prompt them to get a few and you might be inclined to purchase a few more.

The kids will be proud to show off their creations too. You don’t have to be an artist or even have a crafty hand to complete craft kits. Examples are often offered with the kits, but you can take whatever direction you like with the project.

Most stores, and even independent crafters, are offering curbside or porch pickups.

sewing kit

Learn a Few New Recipes

Ordering out might not be an option with the current situation in our country. Money is tight for many people, which means cutting out dining out or ordering out might be one way your family is saving money. Supporting local businesses is important, but not everyone can do that right now.

There are millions of recipes available online and equally enough instructional videos to help you create a new dish. Food is a good place to add a dose of CBD too. Please search our blog for recipes as we have dozens and dozens of recipes for all occasions available. Many of our recipes allow for substitutions based on product availability and dietary restrictions/allergies.

Kids can help cook too. Some might find it exciting. Toddlers can help stir things or mix things with their hands before they’re cooked. School-aged children can help with ripping lettuce, separating biscuit dough, buttering bread and so many other simple little tasks. If you have picky eaters, this might also help them eat things they might not normally. Kids are more likely to eat different foods if they helped make it.

Cooking can be stress relief too. If you like to bake, cookies can often be frozen for several months. You could also make up little cookie plates and leave them on your neighbors’ doorsteps with little notes. Make sure they know that you are healthy so that they know the cookies or baked goods are safe to eat. Little things like that make you feel good and put smiles on others faces.

Break Out the Board Games

It’s a great time to brush the dust off of the board games. Some of these can generate hours of fun and keep your mind busy. Try to pick games that all members of the family can participate in.

You can also play drawing games, guessing games and other fun games like “eye spy” with everyone in the family. A fun game that you can play at home without having to buy anything for it is “Name That Tune”. For this game, you simply go through your family playlists and play a few seconds of a song. Keep track of who guesses the most right, and give prizes out. It’s ideal to give prizes to everyone so no one feels left out, but a bigger prize should go to the winner.

Redecorate the House

You likely have plenty of time on your hands. It’s a good time to rearrange rooms in your home and redecorate. Paint can be ordered online for in-store or curbside pickup. Some services may even deliver paint. You can also order décor or find free items in local for sale groups to upcycle.

These projects cause you to think and focus on the end result – making your home look fresh and new. Projects like this will also take up a lot of your time. Take a couple of days to browse for ideas online to help come up with a cohesive design for the common rooms in your home.

Let the kids decide what they want for their rooms. Most of what kids might want is available from online services that offer quick shipping.

diy tools

Learn How to Make Face Covers

Join the hundreds that are making face covers for healthcare workers and the general public. You might think that there are plenty of people making them already, but the truth is – they can’t keep up with demand either.

Some of the materials people are using to make face covers include:

  • Fabric remnants
  • Leggings
  • Bandanas
  • Sewing in special filters under cloth

Now, these face covers can be made with headbands and buttons for comfort – these are especially in demand by healthcare workers that wear masks and face covers for hours and hours a day. It’s ideal to make options that either tie or have the button or a snap option. These are more comfortable. There are dozens of how-to guides available to help you make these either to donate or sell for materials to make more.

This can keep you busy. You might even lose a little sleep, but that’s okay. It will give you something to do that can make a positive impact in your local community. You might even find a local craft store that might sell a bag of fabric remnants cheap. If you tell them why you need the fabric, they may even donate it.

Closing Thoughts

You might be running out of ideas of things to do to stay busy. Customize an activity list of new things to try that might keep you mind and body busy. The busier you are, the faster these days will go by. Life should return to normal soon. In the meantime, do your best to stay busy. Create at-home exercise routines and activities for the whole family. Write down little notes to keep as memories of how your family bonded and stayed busy in 2020.

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