The Surprising Reason the U.S. May Be Reluctant to Legalize Marijuana

Amid the chaos of 2020, which has included a stock market crash, the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, and even some hoopla about the arrival of murder hornets, there’s still the realization that this is an election year. In a little over four months, Americans across the country will be heading to the polls or mailing in their ballots to determine who’ll lead the U.S. for the next four years.

Among the many issues that’ll be getting more of a spotlight than in year’s past this election is marijuana. In each of the last two years, Gallup’s national poll has found that a record-tying 66% of respondents favor legalization. Other polls, while differing in the nominal support value, also showing overwhelming and clear evidence that the American public favors legalization.

Similarly, we’ve witnessed two-thirds of all states give the green light to medical marijuana since 1996, with 11 of these states also allowing for the legal adult-use consumption of cannabis.

If opinion has evolved at the state level and among the public, you might be wondering why we’ve witnessed no such reforms at the federal level on cannabis.

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The political divide in Washington is one key reason marijuana remains illegal

One obvious reason is that there’s a pretty broad political…

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