The REALITIES about Covid

We might need to deal with this infection for a very long time so let’s inform ourselves as finest we can and discover how to deal with it.

The Covid-19 infection is a protein particle (RNA/DNA) covered by a protective layer of fat (lipid). When soaked up by the mouth, nose or ears, it alters and transforms into assailant cells and multiplies.

It is not a living organism, and for that reason can’t be eliminated. It needs to decay by itself.

A layer of fat is the only thing safeguarding it, so cleaning with soap emulsifies the fat layer and ruins it. For this reason the value of cleaning your hands and developing that foam.

Heat likewise ruins fat, so utilize warm water, above 77 degrees, for hands, counter tops, cleaning and so on

Alcohol above 65% ruins the fat. Listerine is likewise 65% alcohol.

Any bleach, 1-part bleach to 1-part water, will damage the infection.

No bactericide or antibiotic will work as it is not a live organism. Antibodies can’t eliminate a protein.

The infection particles stay steady in wetness and darkness, in addition to cold conditions, consisting of air-conditioned houses, automobiles and so on

Dehumidified, dry, warm and intense environments will deteriorate the infection much faster.

In closed, restricted areas the greater the concentration of the infection there can be. The more open and naturally aerated, the less.

UV light breaks the protein (infection) down on any item, however likewise breaks down our collagen (protein) in the skin.

The infection can’t move through healthy skin

* Make certain to clean your hands well.

* Utilize a thick moisturiser if you clean your hands a lot, to prevent dry fractures, where the Covid-19 particles can conceal.

* Keep your nails short so the particles can’t conceal there.

* Cleaning hands and keeping a 2-metre physical range is the very best approach of security.

* There is no requirement to decontaminate home surface areas unless you have a COVID-19 client in your home.

* The infection can’t be transferred by food.

* Loss of odor is a non-specific sign of Covid-19.

* Covid-19 does not await the air for long. The bead infection needs close contact.

* The air is tidy, you can stroll through parks and gardens, simply preserve your physical range from others.

* You can utilize any typical soap. An anti-bacterial soap is not going to damage an infection, just germs.

* There is low threat of bringing Covid-19 house with your shoes; drop infections do not spread out like that.

* Long term usage of masks can hinder breathing and oxygen levels. Just use them when out and in crowds.

* Using gloves is a bad concept. The infection can build up into the glove and be quickly transferred if you touch your face.

COVID-19 is a vascular illness. Not a breathing illness. It is absence of oxygen going through the veins that impacts the lungs The mucous then develops so thick and obstructs the breathing location, and this thick mucous settles at the bottom of the lungs.

Some methods to assist clear and eliminate the lungs:

* Decrease onto your knees into a vulnerable position and after that lower onto your belly, resting your head on your folded arms. This will assist to launch the lungs, will trigger you to cough and launch the clog.

* Great deals of steaming throughout the day will assist loosen it too. Including a couple of drops of Eucalyptus will assist magnify the steaming. (see more on steaming listed below)

* Lie and sleep on your stomach with the pillow long methods under your chest.

* Blow a balloon up with 3 long breaths– or for a gentler method, blow some bubbles into water through a straw.

You can get an oximeter and determine the oxygen in your blood. The typical variety reading is in between 95-100. 93% is best to connect for medical guidance. If it reaches listed below 90, hospitalisation is needed.

Vit C— 3000mg each day. You can divide the dosages up

Vit D— 2000IUs everyday. Start with 5000IU daily for 2 weeks and after that lower the dose

Magnesium— 400mg p/day. Either citrate, malate, chelate or chlorate

Zinc— 20mg each day

Selenium— 100mcg each day

Vit B

Burdock– cleans up the blood

Echinacea and Olive Leaf Spray– 2 sprays into the mouth frequently, if out and about, or 3 x p/day while in your home for upkeep or repair. Assists damage infections.

Great deals of hot lemon water throughout the day. Assists increase the body immune system by raising the body’s alkaline levels

Seawater gargling two times a day

Saline nasal spray into each nostril, two times a day

If you reinforce your own body immune system, it will assist:

  • Consume great deals of raw vegetables and fruit, all the range of colours, to reinforce our mineral resources and increase our resistance.
  • Burn and utilize diffusers with antiviral aromatherapy oils in the house. Tea Tree Oil and Eucalyptus Necessary Oils are fantastic. Assists the ill recover and decongest, while fending off the infection and safeguarding those around. Cleanses and cleanses the air.
  • Your body is 70% water and water requires to move. Stagnant water ends up being really unclean and vulnerable to dis-ease. Move, workout, stroll!!
  • Your body is a natural recovery maker. You have the capacity, natural defense and recovery system that is definitely more effective than any pharmaceutical drug out there and it can be triggered a lot much faster.
  • Remaining in a sterilized environment can deteriorate our body immune system. Consume the very best immune improving foods, however do attempt and go out and about frequently, to any park or garden location. Our resistance is increased by direct exposure to pathogens, not by sitting in your home taking in fried/spicy/sugary foods and oxygenated beverages.


The warm water we consume benefits our throats. Nevertheless, the Corona infection is concealed behind the paranasal sinus of your nose for 3-4 days.

Plainly, the warm water we consume does not reach that location.

After 4-5 days, the infection moves from the paranasal location into the blood stream and after that straight results the lungs. This crowds the mucous and develops the issue with breathing.

The option to avoid COVID-19 and keep it at bay?


At 50 degrees, the infection in the nose will be paralysed and handicapped.

At 60 degrees, the infection ends up being so weak that any human body immune system can battle versus it with ease.

At 70 degrees, the infection is damaged.

How typically should you steam?

If you remain at house: steam 1 x each day.

If you pop out to the market/shops: steam 2 x each day.

If you operate in a shop/office, fulfill individuals or hang out on any scale: steam 3 x each day.

How to steam?

Get the cleaner or boiling water.

Location a towel over your head.

Close your eyes.

Inhale through your nose and out through your mouth 10 x.

Then inhale through your mouth and out through your nose 10x.

It’s that easy.

If we began a steam drive project, we might remove COVID-19.

There are no negative effects and absolutely nothing to lose.

What if all of us needed to steam 2 x each day for 5 minutes for a week and see how the infection weakened?

Be wise. Stay notified.

Take your power back. Take control of your health and your future.

Stay well, remain safe.

Sharon Olivier

Head of Research Study

Cannabis Oil Research

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