The CBD Vape Life: Is It The Best Option For You?

The CBD Vape Life: Is It The Best Option For You?

We know, we know… The huge variety of CBD-infused options for you to choose from is a little overwhelming. There are tinctures, lotions, edibles, sprays, beauty products, and even protein powder!

And of course, there’s vaping. It’s one of the most popular methods of taking CBD, but how do you know if it’s right for you? This article is designed to help you make that decision.


Vaping CBD Leads To Surprising Bioavailability

Bioavailability is just what it sounds like: it is how much CBD your body can use.

The interesting thing is, there’s a really significant difference in the amount of CBD your body can use depending on whether you eat it, suck on it in your mouth, or inhale it into your lungs.

When you ingest (or eat) CBD, 6-15% of it is available to your body. This is because it has to pass through your stomach, liver, and kidneys before it enters your blood stream. So while eating CBD edibles is easy and convenient, it doesn’t quite give you the highest absorption rates available.2,3

Sublingual absorption is absorbing CBD in your mouth (under your tongue). This is usually how tinctures are taken. When you hold CBD oil under your tongue, it can pass directly through the thin membranes there and enter your bloodstream directly. This method is shown to give you 20-35% bioavailability of your CBD. Much better.2

The Clear Winner

Of course, the whole point of this section is to point out the very high absorption rates and bioavailability of CBD when you inhale it by vaping.

When you inhale CBD vapor into your lungs, it passes directly through the thin membranes in your lungs and into your bloodstream just like it would sublingually, except for two important factors:

  • Your lungs have MUCH more surface area to absorb CBD vapor than the underside of your tongue
  • Because the CBD is vaporized, the tiny particles absorb quickly through your lungs into your body.

This results in a much higher 40%-60% bioavailability when you vape CBD oil. Almost twice as much as sublingual CBD, and four times as much as eating CBD edibles.2,3

So if you think about it, you are also getting more dose for your money with CBD vape — since your body will end up using a much higher percentage of it.

But the really amazing thing is how QUICKLY CBD enters your system when you vape.

Rapid Absorption For Immediate Relief

How quickly do you need – or want – to feel the effects of your CBD? Depending on the answer to your question, you may prefer one method of taking CBD over the others.

If you can wait, and you’re not as interested in getting immediate effects, then CBD edibles will work just fine for you. The effects of the CBD edibles will usually begin to be felt about 2 hours after you first eat them.4

If you want more immediate but long-lasting effects, a tincture absorbed under your tongue will kick in after about 30 minutes and last a few hours.4

For people who need immediate sense of wellness, CBD vape is the way to go. You can begin to feel the effects of vaped CBD within only a couple of minutes after inhaling it.4

Vaping CBD is the perfect choice for people who suffer from anxiety-related disorders like panic attacks, who need to have immediate relief. The other side of the coin is that the effects are relatively short-lived, lasting only maybe an hour or two.

But just because the effects from one vaping session don’t last all day doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to enjoy all-day relief if you choose to vape your CBD. In fact, your days may be filled with MORE relief, and here’s why…

Discreet All-Day Custom Dosing

One of the lesser-known benefits of vaping CBD is the fact that vaping is becoming more and more popular and socially acceptable these days.

In fact, there is no difference in the way CBD or nicotine vapes smell or look, so no one will be able to tell what you are vaping.

That means you can get a constant dose of CBD all-day long, whenever you want to — in public or in private — without having to worry about pulling a vial of tincture out of your pocket or anything that looks weird to other people.

The best part of having a vape pen with CBD is that you get to try custom dosing with CBD and experience the effects right away. So you can see if a higher or lower dosage works best for you and adjust your dosage up or down whenever you need to.

Pure CBD Oil – No Sugar Or Other Ingredients

Another huge advantage to CBD vape oil is it only has two ingredients: vape liquid and CBD.

What’s more important is what CBD vape oil DOESN’T have in it: CBD vape oil doesn’t have any calories or sugar in it at all.

Compare that to CBD edibles, which often have sugar and other ingredients in them. If you raise your dosage of CBD edibles, you have to raise your calories at the same time. But not with vape juice.

You can get high doses of CBD without going heavy on the sweets, but only if you choose to vape instead of eating edibles.

A Relaxing Experience, A Tasteful Sensation

Finally, there is a relaxation aspect to vaping CBD. It may not be for everyone, but there’s a luxuriousness of feeling the smooth, flavored vapor as you inhale it into your lungs and feeling it pass back out through your throat and mouth as you exhale.

It’s cool, and it’s sort of meditative, and it comes in tons of different flavors. Here’s a list of just the flavors we sell at Pure Hemp Shop:

While vaping is not for everyone, the people who choose to do it often become really big fans of it in short order. That’s because they enjoy the relaxation of vaping – and the social aspect that comes along with it. Overall, it is an enjoyable way to pass the time.

So Are You A Future CBD ‘Vaper’?

Alright, let’s wrap it all up. This article goes into a lot of the different benefits of vaping when compared to other ways to get your CBD.

So is it meant to convince you that vaping CBD is the best way to take CBD? No. That’s 100% up to you.

These are just some of the reasons many people choose to vape their CBD, and if you’re considering taking the plunge into the vaping world, maybe these reasons will help you make your decision.

There’s nothing wrong with any method of getting your CBD. But with outstanding absorption rates, super-fast effect, increased social acceptability, and the relaxation benefits of vaping, CBD vaping is quickly becoming one of the most popular.

And if you are ready to start vaping after reading this, then that’s excellent! We invite you to check out our unique and expansive collection of CBD vaping products today! 



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