The 35 Most Influential Women In Cannabis – Green Entrepreneur

Who: Jewel Zimmer and Taylor Lamb

What they do: Co-Founders of Juna

Why they made the list: Zimmer’s career launched in San Francisco as she is a sommelier, pastry chef, and serial entrepreneur. Her alchemical food experience led her to sell single-origin chocolate with adaptogenic raw cacao extracts with Barneys beginning in 2009. Lamb brings growth marketing leadership to Juna, with her exceptional track record in driving accelerated business growth, coming from direct-to-consumer sleepwear brand Lunya as well as popular jewelry brand, Gorjana. Perfectionist brand Juna is helping people find wellness through “plant-powered biohacking,” as the company says. Zimmer and Lamb go out of their way to formulate products with either certified organic ingredients or ingredients grown with organic, biodynamic practices to make single-origin, sun-grown hemp oil

Advice: “Make sure your product A. solves a clear problem/need, B. truly is effective and can enhance someone’s life, C. can fit into your customer’s routine, and D. that your brand resonates with a specific target demographic. This is the formula we follow when developing into new products and new product categories for Juna. When it comes to branding and brand voice, we always aim to be authentic and honest. Since we are both within Juna’s target demographic, it makes it a bit easier to always step back and ask ourselves if it resonates with us on an emotional level – did we laugh, learn, or connect with it? And ultimately, is it something we would want to share with our friends?  

In addition to that formula, we find it paramount to always stay profitable as a business. This is a controversial topic among start-ups, especially in cannabis, but it’s also a way to differentiate. So many brands are raising more funds than they need and spend frivolously to make a splash. They are pushed to hit aggressive revenue numbers so they put that first and profitability takes a backseat. This isn’t a sustainable business model which is why we sadly see so many companies going bankrupt in the industry. We recommend basing your acquisition costs off of the customer’s first purchase AOV instead of LTV (a customer lifetime value). Get scrappy, get creative, always negotiate, and look for ROI to stay profitable. 

If you stick to that formula and stay profitable, you will succeed!”

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