The 20 Most Useful Products on Sale at Bed Bath & Beyond

If you’re already a fan of Bed Bath & Beyond for its famous use-as-many-as-you-want 20 percent off coupons, we see you. If not, we welcome you to the club. The mega retailer offers so much more than bedding and bath basics (ahem, like Dyson vacuums and Kitchenaid stand mixers), and many of them are majorly discounted, including these extremely useful household items currently on sale. And yes, many of which can be combined with that 20 percent off coupon.

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Put an end to the nightly leg-in, leg-out dance for good with a cooling mattress topper than draws heat away from the body.

Buy It ($350; $330)

If you’re going to fight the hubs for control over the thermostat 24/7, at least do it passive aggressively from your phone in the other room. (Kidding. Kind of.)

Buy It ($249; $199)

Never dig into a lukewarm, wilted salad at the beach ever again. This double-walled stainless-steel container keeps food cold for six hours or hot for four hours.

Buy It ($13; $6)

Hear us out: These clamps may be small, but the satisfaction we get out of not having our tablecloth go flying on a windy day? It’s worth all $6.

Buy It ($8; $6)

Road-tripping with Fido is the new jet-setting, and this seat cover prevents us from having to vacuum the car for an hour every Sunday.

Buy It ($26; $15)

From kneading sourdough bread to mixing up a batch of tahini brownies, this is the stand mixer your baking dreams are made of.

Buy It ($380; $280)

At this price, do we even have to explain ourselves?

Buy It ($600; $500)

During quarantine, we learned to work with what we’ve got. And that includes turning a tiny patio into an outdoor oasis with the right small-space furniture.

Buy It ($500; $425)

Black leggings + working from home + dog hair = a recipe for disaster. Luckily, this ultra-sticky lint roller has maintained our sanity.

Buy It ($10; $8)

Being barefoot while working from home isn’t exactly recommended by podiatrists, but this foot massager helps with pain and tension.

Buy It ($30; $7)

Aside from feeling like you’re floating on air, this lay-back lounger won’t rust, so you don’t have to drag it inside every time it drizzles.

Buy It ($120; $150)

The most genius invention for warming taco shells on a summer night.

Buy It ($10; $7)

This outdoor heat lamp will come in handy for crisp, cool nights on the porch.

Buy It ($230; $207)

How to clean your house without actually doing anything.

Buy It ($530; $330)

We’ve gotten really good at Netflix and chilling. But this iPad lap desk just makes it much more comfortable to binge watch in bed.

Buy It ($20; $15)

Useful might not be the first word to come to mind, but when you’re preparing for yet another backyard pool day, this float will at least help the kids feel like they’re at a fun water park.

Buy It ($30; $18)

Who needs to go out for brunch when you can eat Eggs Benedict in your PJs?

Buy It ($65; $50)

The best home update we’ve made all quarantine: Turning our backyard into another living room.

Buy It ($2,200; $1980)

Just as fun as a puzzle, but it’s actually waterproof.

Buy It ($15; $9)

We have a newfound appreciation for beach days, and this chair packs in everything we could ever need (cooler, drink holder, pillow and backpack straps).

Buy It ($60; $48)

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