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Question: Can I confidently pass a drug test for marijuana in a very short time frame using TestClear? What if I only have a matter of hours or days? I have heard the half-life of marijuana staying in my body’s fat cells is months.

Answer: Yes you can pass, but ONLY if you pick the right detox solution for the drug test you are taking, and you use reputable and proven detox products. (See recommended products).

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Why Do Some People Fail Drug Screenings for Marijuana Then? Most people fail urine drug tests for marijuana because they don’t follow simple instructions (this is not going to be you!).

I am going to break down for you how to quickly and confidently pass your marijuana drug test with near 100% success.

Popular Myth About Urine You May Be Worrying About: It’s very common to have questions about how weight may impact your screening or detection time. 

The truth is that matters very little when it comes to the typical test. 

Why? Because the flushing products recommended below have become so advanced.

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Most Common Marijuana Testing Scenario:

Most pre-employment tests for marijuana are unsupervised tests.

So let’s assume that’s what you’re up against (if you have a different type of test, see below). 

Some testing facilities will provide you with the test results, but most send results to the employer directly. 

The prospective employer is simply looking for what they call “drug use”. They typically don’t care how much you pass or fail the test by – they’re just checking a box in their hiring checklist.

Here’s The Bottom Line:

Below I provide you with the exact step-by-step process to pass your marijuana drug test.

But first, there’s something you must understand if you want to pass.

Don’t Do This:

No need to get exotic and try to combine a bunch of different methods in an attempt to “REALLY” pass.

That may result in a diluted or tampered sample and you will likely have to retest. Diluting your sample in this way is not recommended.

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Which Testclear Product Is Best For You?

Depending on how many days there are between you and your test, Testclear offers several options to ensure you’re using the best product for your timeframe.

Passing drug tests is made possible with Testclear’s wide selection of products, including toxin rid detox kits, transport vials, heating pads, and testing kits.

Testclear even offers powdered urine kits complete with accurate temperature strips and fake urine you can use to experiment before the real deal, giving you the peace of mind that you’re ready to pass.

Here’s What To Do:

Order the below products as soon as possible to ensure you have enough time to follow the detox program. 

The more time you have the better, but if your test is in a few days we have you covered.

Let’s Break It Down – The Right Product For Your Test

Help, I Have Only This Much Time Until My Test?


Drug Testing Information, Technical Details and FAQ for Cannabis Users

Below is supplemental information about how drug tests for marijuana and cannabis work.

BUT, this is just for context and informational purposes. Follow the instructions above and you are done.

Remember, the most important thing you can do is follows the instructions on the box EXACTLY as they are written to make sure you don’t test positive.

How Long (Amount of Time)Will Cannabis Levels Be Detectable?

Very Light User Light User Regular User Heavy User
urineIn My Urine 4 – 9 days 10 – 20 days 30 – 50 days 60 – 90 days
hairIn My Hair 1 – 2 days 10 – 90 days 10 – 90 days 10 – 90 days
bloodIn My Blood 1 day 7 – 9 days 7 – 9 days 7 – 9 days
salivaIn My Saliva 1 day 1 day 1 day 1 day

What Is Actually Being Tested For When I Get A Marijuana Test?

When evaluating your cannabis/marijuana drug test, the drug screening company’s goal is to look for the presence of the cannabinoid THC (also know as delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol) in your urine. 

The screening won’t test for the molecule directly but instead for the metabolite – or the sign that your body is currently breaking down those metabolites. 

The metabolite drug screening companies look for is almost always THC-COOH, which is typically stored in your body’s fat cells. 

The urine test is by far the cheapest and most common way to test for this metabolite, and that’s why most employers choose it. 

We often get asked about blood tests, but 99.9% of the time you will not be given a blood test when your potential employer is looking for this metabolite.

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What Are Most Common Pre-Employment Testing Methods?

– Urine, Unsupervised Test

Common Ways To Clean Your Urine Sample

– Drinks or Detoxifications and Synthetic Urine. See our favorite here.

Most Common Ways To Fail A Marijuana Drug Screening

Most people would guess the most common way to fail a urine screening would be to continue smoking or consuming cannabis right up to the point of the test.

This actually isn’t true.

In reality, most people who consume cannabis right up to the test can still pass. Most people fail because they simply don’t follow the EXACT instructions on the detox product box, but this won’t apply to you because you know how important that is ?

How Labs Know You Have Manipulated A Sample

The most common way labs know you have manipulated a sample is that it is diluted to obscure your levels. 

That means the sample’s water content is abnormally high because the person providing the sample was slamming water right up to the test.

Bad idea! 

This is called a diluted sample, and drug companies often mention the sample was “likely tampered” with. 

Not just that, but your employer or whoever is requiring the test will be suspicious and require a retest. 

You can avoid this with the proper products mentioned above that will make sure your sample is not too diluted and looks natural.

What Else Can I Do To Help Ensure I Pass The Test?

The over-the-counter items below are helpful, but not necessary to get clean urine.

The only essential thing to do is to purchase the right urine product and follow the instructions EXACTLY.

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Helpful But Not Necessary If You Have A Few Days Before Your Screening

  • Sweat: steam bath, sauna, workout, or just standing in the heat.
  • Cardio exercise, in the days leading up to your test, but not the actual day of your test. The reason not to do cardio or weight training the day of your test? Some studies suggest these forms of exercise can actually spike those metabolite levels in your body.
  • Eating Greens. This has a cleaning effect on your body and moves toxins along faster.
  • Abstinence. While abstinence from cannabis consumption isn’t required, it is definitely suggested.

I Am A Heavy/ Light Smoker/Consumer Of Marijuana, Does That Make A Difference?

It’s always more desirable to have a smaller concentration of THC metabolites in your body, but it’s definitely still possible to pass a simple urine screening even as a daily user so long as you follow the instructions on the box exactly.

Notice I keep saying this? I might sound like a broken record here, but it’s super important regardless of whether you’re a light user, regular user, or heavy user. Following the instructions is the ONE thing you can’t get wrong.

Can I Simply Add A Little Bleach To My Urine Sample And Pass?

Adding cleansers or cleaning agents like bleach is not recommended, as it’s likely you will fail the urinalysis for manipulating the sample.

I’ve Read That Consuming Creatine Before My Test Can Help Me Pass, Is This True?

This is not recommended as this can create excessive dilution and will likely result in your test coming back as manipulated or diluted. At best you’ll be required to re-test.

I Have Heard That Taking Niacin Can Help Me Pass The Test, Is That True?

Again, it’s likely your sample will come back to your employer as “manipulated” as excess niacin is looked upon as an adulterant and does not mimic human urine. This is why we do not suggest using niacin apart from the products recommended.

Water – Water – Water, But When?

It’s a great idea to drink plenty of water in the days leading up to your test. However, make sure that on the day of your screening you follow the instructions on your product to ensure you do not test positive.

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Supervised Versus Unsupervised Screenings

Unsupervised urine screenings are where a lab attendant simply gives you a clear container to urinate in and points you to a bathroom. You urinate in private and then hand the sample back to the attendant or place it on a shelf in the bathroom. This is the most common form of screening for marijuana and opiates.

Supervised urine screenings are rare these days but if you have one, you can still pass. Read this if you anticipate a supervised screening.

Still not sure of what to do next? Read this article.

And good luck! You’re now fully informed and in a good position to pass the test. Just make sure to follow those instructions to a T ?

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