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The Teen Mom cast has always been controversial. In fact, MTV itself has even tried to sweep some things about Teen Mom under the rug. The girls’ journeys still brought fans back time and time again to check in on their favorite cast members (and those adorable babies who became tweens right before our eyes!).

And while there are plenty of forgotten facts about the girls from Teen Mom, it’s time for a trip down memory lane to check out the transformations of some of fans’ favorite and/or most discussed cast members: Chelsea Houska, Jenelle Evans, and Kailyn Lowry.

13 Chelsea Houska Started Out As A Self-Conscious Teen Mom To Aubree

Chelsea Houska and Adam Lind selfie/Chelsea Houska and her baby Aubree

Of all the Teen Mom ladies, Chelsea DeBoer (nee Houska) is the one to follow on IG: her pics are stunning, and the posts allow fans a glimpse into her daily life. But back before she was married with two more kids, she was a young mom struggling to find her way while pregnant with her daughter Aubree. Fans watched her run back to Aubree’s dad Adam multiple times, but Chelsea’s own pops was always right there to help her get back on her feet.

12 Jenelle Evans Struggled On The Path Toward Motherhood

Jenelle Evans with baby Jace on Teen Mom set/Jenelle Evans holding newborn Jace
Fandom/Teen Mom Talk Now

If you didn’t tune in to Jenelle Evans’ original appearance on 16 & Pregnant or Teen Mom, you may not realize how hard her journey has actually been. From her mom Barbara taking over custody of her son Jace to a falling out with Jace’s dad, Andrew Lewis. In fact, fans never saw or heard from Jace’s dad until years after Jenelle entered the spotlight. Fans watched Jenelle go out and party, hit the beach, and have a tumultuous relationship with her then-boyfriend Kieffer.

11 Kailyn Lowry Kept Her Eye On The Prize

Jo Rivera and Kailyn Lowry with baby Isaac on Teen Mom Set/Kailyn Lowry with baby Isaac

While Chelsea struggled along as a teen mom with the help of her dad, and Jenelle butted heads with her mom, Kailyn wound up living with her son Isaac’s dad, Jo, and his family. But that didn’t keep Kailyn from holding down multiple jobs, finishing her high school education, and even dating someone else while under Jo’s parents’ roof. It was tough times for sure, but Kailyn seemed to have kept her eye on the prize, making a future for herself and her son (later sons!).

10 Chelsea Netted Herself A Husband (And Started Glowing)

Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer
The Blast

Any fan who watched Chelsea Houska’s emotional rollercoaster with Aubree’s dad Adam Lind was absolutely thrilled to see Chelsea find Cole DeBoer. The pair have charmed fans ever since they started dating, and to fans’ delight, the two married in 2016. Afterward, they welcomed their son Watson in 2017 and then daughter Layne in 2018. But the most heartwarming moment was when Aubree officially became Aubree Lind-DeBoer, which totally tied the whole family together.

9 Jenelle Turned Things Around (For A While) With Her New Family

Janelle Evans and her son Kaiser Griffith at his school
The Sun

Fans recall Jenelle’s struggle for custody of Jace, and things only seemed to get worse when she met and married Courtland Rogers. The two were married for just over two years, and Courtland had plenty of trouble with the law during and after that. So, when Jenelle met Nathan Griffith and became pregnant with their son Kaiser, hopes were high for a happy ending for the pair. But their battle for custody and plenty of drama in between proved that Jenelle’s path would never be easy. Still, Jenelle seemed to come into her own as a mom during that period, which was a serious glow-up from her teen mom troubles when Jace was little.

8 Kailyn’s Transformation Was Both Business And Beauty-Related

Kailyn Lowry at Pothead Hair Care launch

While Kailyn started out working minimum wage jobs as a teen, she eventually finished her college degree (a bachelor’s in mass communications) and threw herself into entrepreneurship. The teen mom wrote four books, including one for kids, started a podcast (Coffee Convos), and runs a YouTube channel (Kail and the Chaos). According to her website, she’s also collaborated with Good American (Khloe Kardashian’s jeans brand), and most fans will remember the launch of her Pothead CBD Hair Care line (and the subsequent feud with Jenelle Evans).

7 Chelsea Credits Supplements With Her (Healthy?) Transformation

Chelsea Houska protein world supplement

Fans from Chelsea Houska’s early seasons on Teen Mom remember how she struggled with her appearance (and Adam Lind’s judgment). But Chelsea seemed to turn over a healthier leaf with supplements and other products that she often showcases on her Instagram. Whatever she’s been doing, Chelsea is glowing these days, and fans are here for it (even if that means constant branded Instagram posts).

6 Jenelle Married And Had Her Daughter (And Had Both Ups And Downs)

David Eason and Jenelle Evans leaving the courthouse
InTouch Weekly

Another triumph for Jenelle came as she married David Eason and welcomed their daughter Ensley. It seemed she’d finally created a family of her own, one that also included David’s daughter from a previous relationship (though he only received visitation with his son). But plenty of drama still found the family, from challenges with Barbara’s judgment of Jenelle’s parenting (and child custody concerns) to legal troubles for David. Though Jenelle at one point left the family compound, she later returned to reconcile with her husband (much to fans’ disappointment).

5 Kailyn Literally Transformed Herself (Multiple Times)

Kailyn making a face on Teen Mom set
Monsters and Critics

She’s flip-flopped a little on pursuing procedures recently, but in 2016, Kailyn Lowry underwent treatment to tend to her rear, her tummy, and neck. Popculture explained that Kail was happy with the results the first time around, and she planned to go back to the same doctor in 2018 but got cold feet. Instead, Kailyn explained that she decided to go see a nutritionist and start working out again. She also said she’d never get Botox again. Talk about a transformation!

4 Today, Chelsea’s A Married Mom Of Three

Chelsea Houska DeBoer with Cole DeBoer, Aubree, Watson, and Layne
Blasting News

Of all the Teen Mom ladies, Chelsea’s made the most drastic changes. From her rocky relationship with her daughter Aubree’s dad to finding herself as a mom and partner to now-husband Cole, fans have laughed and cried along with the star. These days, Chelsea’s happily settled with her man and their three kids, which include Aubree, son Watson, and daughter Layne. The couple tied the knot in 2016 and have been going strong ever since (and it’s all fans can expect from them moving forward!).

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3 These Days, Kailyn’s On Baby Number Four (And Not Done Yet?)

Kailyn Lowry walking on the beach pregnant with her fourth son
The Scottish Sun

Over the years, Kailyn has prioritized her three sons while making business moves with her podcast, hair products, and other endeavors. And while she often spoke about having a fourth child, fans never knew what to expect from the star. After all, each of her existing boys has a different dad. So, when she announced her fourth pregnancy, fans were surprised (if less than enthused) that Lux’s dad Chris Lopez was also the father of this baby. With the arrival of Kailyn’s fourth son (he’s due in July 2020), fans wonder whether Kailyn will keep trying until she gets a daughter…

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2 Sadly, Jenelle’s Husband Drama Only Keeps Escalating

Jenelle Evans and her daughter Ensley
Reality Blurb

As E! Online recently explained, Jenelle’s husband David Eason is still getting into trouble. While the pair split in October of 2019 (with Jenelle getting a restraining order), they were back together just months later. Then in June 2020, David was arrested, and Jenelle again was forced to speak out and confirm that she and her kids were safe, and planning their next move outside the spotlight of social media.

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1 Far From BFFs, Some Of The Teen Moms No Longer Speak

Chelsea Houska and Kailyn Lowry while Chelsea was pregnant

While Kailyn Lowry and Chelsea Houska seem to be on good terms, Jenelle Evans has had a few fallings-out with her former castmates. There were feuds, there were curses, and there was even the burning of the hair products Kailyn sent to Jenelle as a quasi-peace offering. It’s safe to say that the path ahead of these former teen moms will be pretty interesting to watch, regardless of how far they’ve come so far.

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