Couple questions about dispensary 33 in Chicago

Rec user here coming in from out of state and I was wondering how preorders work at this dispensary. It doesn’t really say on their website. Once I preorder how […]

VIDEO: Couple Marry At Marijuana Dispensary

Guess you could say Julie and Jeff Thompson are high on life. The Clio couple were married December 15th at their favorite marijuana dispensary on Dort Highway in Thetford Township. […]

Older Couple Consumes 110 mg of THC

Spread the love [embedded content] Last year, New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd claimed she thought she was going to die after she ate a pot candy bar in her […]

Couple charged with robbery released by judge

A Hilo man and woman charged with robbery for allegedly assaulting a Home Depot employee who attempted to stop them from shoplifting $1,460 in merchandise were freed Friday by a […]