Switch vs Puffco Peak vs Wuukah

Design And Features

Leaf Buddi Wuukah Portable Dab Rig Review
The Wuukah is small enough to comfortably fit in your hand, just like all portable dab rigs.

Leaf Buddi Wuukah

The Wuukah has a pyramid shape that’s reminiscent of the Peak, but is a little less stylish. That’s not to say that the Wuukah doesn’t have any style because the digital display is one of the most stylish you’ll see in any vaporizer. It’s located on top of the base and looks kind of like a digital speedometer from an exotic supercar. Despite the odd placement, it’s actually easy to read even when the water bubbler is attached. Plus it creates a nice, subtle underlighting effect to the bubbler when the device is turned on.

The power and temperature selection buttons are also interesting because they look like a smiley face. And yes, I wrote temperature selection buttons, the Wuukah is the only portable dab rig that provides precise temperature control, at least for now. It is also the only one that comes with three different nails. The Wuukah isn’t the best-looking of these portable rigs but it does have the most interesting stylistic flourishes.

Dr Dabber Switch

Dr Dabber Switch E-rig Review
The Switch is large but comfortable and advanced but intuitive.

The Switch is the least stylish device here since it seems to be designed with practicality in mind more than anything else. It is also closer to a standard e-nail than it is to a portable dab rig since it functions in much the same way. That means it’s not as simple to use as the other portable rigs, though it’s not particularly complicated either. It’s not as portable as the other rigs either because it is a whole lot bigger than they are, plus it’s e-nail-like design means that you can’t really hold it in your hand while you use it. 

While the Switch doesn’t have precise temperature control, it does have twenty-five power settings, plus it can vape dry herb, which is something the other rigs here can’t do. It’s not the best at vaping weed but it’s nice to have the option. About the only stylish flourish on the Switch is the light show that is used to illuminate the frosted glass on the top of the device. The Switch is generally easy to use, but you do need to use the included tweezers to place the nails into the coils, which can be a hassle, especially compared to the other rigs here.

Puffco Peak

Puffco Peak extract vaporizer
The small size of the Peak makes one-handed operation very easy.

The Peak is the first portable dab rig, and, amazingly, is still the best-looking one. That opinion is subjective of course, but one can’t help but notice that it’s more angular design stands out compared to the rounded shapes of most other rigs. It is also the easiest to use of all the rigs here because it has fewer pieces to worry about. 

It doesn’t have multiple nails like the Wuukah and Switch, so that is one less piece you need to worry about. That means you have fewer customization options with the Peak than you do with the other devices here, but that does make it the platonic ideal of what a portable dab rig should be.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The Wuukah has three different coils so it takes a longer time to clean than other portable dab rigs.

Leaf Buddi Wuukah

Since the Wuukah includes three different nails, that means three times the cleaning, assuming you regularly use each nail, if you stick to one, then you won’t be cleaning too often. The fact that the nails can be removed from the device does help though, because you can soak them in isopropyl alcohol or wipe them down with cotton swabs to clean them. The bubbler is cleaned by pouring iso alcohol into it, swishing it around, and then pouring it out. You should rinse it out with warm water afterwards before using it again.

Dr Dabber Switch

The Switch has the most pieces of all the devices here, which means that it takes the longest to clean. There are the induction cups, filters, and water bubbler to worry about, but at least each piece is relatively easy to clean since you can use cotton swabs and iso alcohol to clean them. The Switch also has a self-cleaning cycle that is used to get rid of the more stubborn residue, which helps.

Puffco Peak

The simplicity of the Peak means that it is a pretty easy to device to clean since you only have one nail and the water bubbler to worry about. Both of them are cleaned using the usual combination of cotton swabs, iso alcohol, and warm water.

Longevity and Reliability

Leaf Buddi Wuukah

The Switch has proven to be a reliable and durable device.

The Wuukah is the newest vaporizer here so it’s the least known quantity here when it comes to reliability. You have to think about the removable nails because you never know how long the threads will last or if the connection will remain stable. So far so good, but we’ll let you know if we experience any issues.

Warranty – Limited

Dr Dabber Switch

The Switch has been around for a while now and has proven to be a solid, reliable device. It also has the longest warranty of the three concentrate vaporizers here, which means that there is a lot less to worry about in case something does go wrong.

Warranty – Two years

Puffco Peak

The early Peaks were buggy and unreliable, but Puffco seems to have worked out the issues and it is now a more stable device. So as long as you get a more recent version of the Peak, you should be fine.

Warranty – One year

Battery and Charging

Dr Dabber Switch Battery
The Switch has a lengthy battery life, charges in about an hour, and enables pass-through charging.

Leaf Buddi Wuukah

The Wuukah uses a 3200 mAh battery that can last for quite a few sessions before it needs to be recharged. Since it uses a USB-C port, it charges up much faster than other portable dab rigs.

Dr Dabber Switch

The Switch has a powerful battery that can give users up to one hundred and fifty dabs before it needs to be recharged. When it does need to be recharged, it only takes an hour. That is pretty fast considering how powerful this device is.

Puffco Peak

The Peak is good for about twenty to thirty dabs before it needs to be recharged, but that recharge takes about two and a half hours, which is far longer than the other vaporizers here.

Vapor Quality

Puffco Peak ceramic nail
The flavor from the ceramic bowl is very good, especially at the middle settings.

Leaf Buddi Wuukah

The Wuukah has three different nails and precise temperature control so there is a lot of customization. However, for pure flavor quality, the ceramic and quartz nails are the best choices. As for temperature, somewhere in the 900°F to 1000°F range is ideal. While the vapor quality of the Wuukah is great, setting it up takes longer than it does with the other devices here.

Dr Dabber Switch

The Switch uses induction heating technology which means that it uses an electromagnet to heat up the nail. The advantages of this include the fact that the nail doesn’t get hot during the vaping process and that heat times are incredibly fast. The vapor quality is excellent as well especially at the lower settings but if you want more clouds, you should choose the higher power settings.

The standard ceramic nail that comes in the kit is great, but there is also an optional quartz nail available. That is nice but considering how expensive the Switch is, it would have been nice if the quartz nail was included, especially since the less expensive Wuukah includes one.

Puffco Peak

The Peak may have been the first portable dab rig, but it hasn’t been overshadowed by more recent additions to the category. It still delivers great vapor thanks to its ceramic nail and smart temperature presets. It may have fewer customization options than the other vaporizers here, but that just means it’s a lot easier to use than they are.

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