South Texas Natural Wellness brings lab tested CBD locally

South Texas Natural Wellness brings lab tested CBD locally
The team from South Texas Natural Wellness, from left, Brittany Bradberry, DJ Swan (owner) and Gabriel Caballero. EMILY MANN | PLEASANTON EXPRESS

The team from South Texas Natural Wellness, from left, Brittany Bradberry, DJ Swan (owner) and Gabriel Caballero. EMILY MANN | PLEASANTON EXPRESS

South Texas Natural Wellness is home to a variety of third-party lab tested CBD, hemp products and employees that are educated on these natural supplements and the assortment of health benefits that they can bring about.

Owner, DJ Swan, first encountered CBD products while searching for pain relief for her husband’s back pain. After continuous doctors’ visits and experimenting with a variety of products and medicines that brought no relief, they began doing their own research where they soon discovered the health-regulated use of CBD.

While first venturing into this new product, Swan and her husband were taken aback by the number of non-regulated products that they came across, lacking quality and lab testing. However, not long after, Swan and her husband discovered a product that helped relieve his pain almost instantantly. Swan stated, “When we finally landed on some that worked for him, it led us to realize this is something we need. We don’t have that here.”

That is when the business concept came to mind for Swan’s husband. Though it took Swan a while to jump on board, she saw how the use of natural products, such as CBD, completely altered her husband’s lifestyle for the better. She put many hours of research into this regulated use of CBD and began to study the benefits. Soon, Swan and her husband decided to act on the need they spotted in the community and worked to fill it.

Swan first began her business by marketing to close family and friends. Swan stated, “We got fantastic feedback. Everyone was happy with it, so we knew we had landed on a good product. We knew our oil was good, and the research that went into it.” Shortly after, they decided to begin their journey by selling these products online; however, Swan wanted to be able to better educate her customers and reach an audience, once like herself, that knew very little about the assortment of health benefits this natural product. Therefore, she decided to open the store.

First opening in December of 2019, Swan and her employees stocked the shelves with CBD and hemp products for everyone. All products in the store contain 0.3% CBD or less, all within the legal limit. Everything is thirdparty lab tested, and the test results are displayed in the store. In fact, all their new products have QR codes that can be scanned, so you can see the lab test results and exactly where the product came from.

Swan pointed out, “We are not doctors, and we do have to mention that often, just to remind people to talk to their doctor if they are on any other medications.”

When talking about some of her favorite parts of her work, Swan highlighted, “You get to really help people, and I think that is what is so great about it, just really opening up to people who were so closed off to it.”

She further pointed out, “Our 1,000 mg oil and 1,000 mg icy hemp are kind of like what we call our magic potion. It works for people who are in pain, whether it be arthritis or something like what my husband had with a disk pushing on his spinal cord.”

However, it is not just pain that these products can treat. CBD is known to help boost your immune system, balance hormone levels, anxiety, sleep, acne, inflammation and more.

You can find these products, not just in oil form, but South Texas Natural Wellness carries products such as gummies, bath bombs, sodas, waters, water solubles (that can be mixed with any liquid), icy hemp, lotions, hemp capsules, hemp flowers and so much more.

In addition to providing natural wellness resources and education to the community, Swan has been very active trying to draw all the local businesses together to better educate and assist each other on the best way to communicate with the public and get their products out in the community. She highlighted, “I am a 100% believer that when God puts you in a position, you pass that along. When God gives you a platform, you use it.”

If you are interested in the health benefits of CBD or hemp products, stop by South Texas Natural Wellness located at 1320 W. Oaklawn, Suite D, in Pleasanton to talk with one of their employees. For more information, you can also call their store at 830-480- 5004 or visit their website at For updates on specials or live videos filled with information and discussion sessions, follow South Texas Natural Wellness on Facebook at

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