Short Article: (UK) Marijuana and the Law– No Proof, No Criminal activity? A ‘Seed our Future Project’ Report Oct 2020 

The objective of this report is to offer the fact surrounding the history of marijuana restriction, the ‘proof of no proof’ for the structures of all marijuana laws, the possible repercussions to all those associated with the extension and enforcement of these laws and the possible repercussions for everybody if these laws are permitted to continue.

Authored by: Person Coxall, Trev Coleman and Steve Harrison

With contributions from: Alun Buffry, Phil Monk and Mandy Tusz Edited by Victoria Lenormand


We are seeing an international shift in mindset towards marijuana as the initial rhetoric, based upon ideology and bigotry is superseded by science. In truth, it has actually ended up being progressively evident that not just is marijuana reasonably safe, it is important to our health, our environment and our economy; it has actually been understood that in our present scenario where health degrades, the harmful nonrenewable fuel source resources to which we are addicted are quick going out, our environment and environment is dealing with devastating emergency situation and we now deal with the greatest financial collapse in history; marijuana is not just our saviour, it was the restriction of this plant which caused these atrocities all in the name of earnings for investors and power for the extremely couple of.

We can not, with any peace of mind, permit these criminal offenses versus humankind and the environment to continue and this is why ‘Seed our Future’ have actually executed this technique to oblige, not just those with the power to make modifications however to likewise notify the public of the fact so we might unify as a cumulative awareness to guarantee our survival.

Now is the time for us to stand together and battle this ‘war on marijuana.



Area 1: Why Appreciate Marijuana?

1.1 Marijuana, A Short History
1.2 Industrial Utilizes
1.3 Mitigating Environment Modification and Soil Repair 1.4 Medicinal Utilizes
1.5 Nutritional Utilizes

Area 2: Is Marijuana a Hazardous Narcotic?

2.1 History of Restriction
2.2 1961 UN Drug Convention– Arrange 1 status 2.3 1971 MoDA Category and Scale of Damage 2.4 Claims of Damage
2.5 Damages of Enforcement

Area 3: The Proof that Marijuana is Safe.

3.1 Data– Let’s Put This in Viewpoint 3.2 Counter Proof of Damage
3.3 The ‘War on Marijuana‘ is a war on us 3.4 No Proof, No Criminal activity?

Area 4: Are Those Implementing these laws the genuine crooks?

4.1 FOI’s show absence of due diligence 4.2 Attestation
4.3 7 Pillars of public life
4.4 Human Rights
4.5 RATE Code
4.6 Other major breaches

Area 5: Moving On.

  1. 5.1 Discretionary Decriminalisation by the Authorities
  2. 5.2 Misbehavior in Public Workplace on a Grand Scale
  3. 5.3 De-schedule and Get Rid Of Marijuana from MoDA
  4. 5.4 ‘Let food be thy medication, let medication be thy food’– Cannabinoids, a brand-new Category and a Managed Market
  5. 5.5 A ‘New Typical’– Health, Environment and Economy


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