See How Leisure Users Can Get Lower Rates on Cannabis

Arizona Recreational Cannabis Sales

Arizonans leisure cannabis sales began on January 22 at many dispensaries, and lots of leisure cannabis customers in the state are currently thinking about getting a medical cannabis card since it would conserve them 16% in tax per cannabis purchase– a tax not troubled medical cannabis clients.

Lots of dispensaries have actually chosen to charge leisure cannabis consumers a comparable rate for cannabis as medical cannabis clients. Nevertheless, the 16% excise tax can accumulate rapidly for rec users.

” In between the (medical cannabis) application charge and physician’s consultation, a 2-year license (medical cannabis card) can cost approximately $300,” Fox 10 reported. “Nevertheless, clients do not need to pay the 16% tax … A client would require to invest more than $1,875 over 2 years to recover cost on sales tax.”

If an adult-use marijuana customer intend on investing more than $80 monthly on cannabis, then they ‘d conserve cash in the long run by getting a medical cannabis card. Medical cannabis clients can likewise acquire and have more cannabis and focuses than leisure users– approximately 2.5 ounces– and purchase edibles with a greater strength.

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