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SabaiDee CBD Oil ReviewToday you’re getting the results of our month-long review of SabaiDee CBD Oil. We tested SabaiDee CBD oil on two subjective metrics:

  • Potency, and;
  • Taste.

But we also compared some objectifiable metrics like:

  • The transparency of the company;
  • The independent 3rd-party lab test results, and;
  • Price of SabaiDee CBD Oil,

to other high-rated CBD oils that we’ve reviewed in the past.

After reading today’s review of SabaiDee oil you’ll exactly know if this is the CBD oil you should give a try, or whether there are better options for you.

SabaiDee MegaGood Vibes Review Summary

SabaiDee CBD Review


  • CBD: 7.5%
  • THC: ­
  • Other Cannabinoids: CBDV(0.2%)
  • Terpenes: 0.3%
  • Price/average dose: $1.99 per 25mg of CBD
  • Full-spectrum: ­
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: ­
  • Potency test: ­
  • Pesticide test: ­
  • Heavy metal test: ­
  • Microbiological test: ­

Pros and Cons

  • Very high concentration of CBD
  • Relatively high concentration of terpenes
  • If you want a THC-free CBD oil, this is one of your best options
  • Not full-spectrum, doesn’t contain some other highly beneficial cannabinoids
  • A bit of a bitter taste
  • Newest lab-test results not always available on website

Check current price at:

Sabaidee Online Store

Transparency and The Importance of Lab-Test Results

The transparency of a company is the MOST important metric when it comes to CBD oil.

We want to know exactly how they produce their CBD oil and what compounds are inside the final product.

To score high on transparency a CBD oil company should be fully transparent about:

  • What plants under what cultivation processes are used to produce their CBD oil;
  • Their production process, including extraction methods, filtering processes, and;
  • The final (bio)chemical composition of the CBD oil (what cannabinoids and terpenes are exactly inside the oil).

The Source of SabaiDee CBD Oil

SabaiDee CBD oil is made from hemp that comes from a farm in La Junta, Colorado.

That hemp is then taken to an extraction facility in Colorado Springs and turned into CBD oil.

Colorado is one of the best places for the Hemp your CBD oil is made of to originate from.

Here’s why:

Colorado’s state agricultural program has a strong foundation of regulations regarding the cultivation of hemp.

These regulations act as protection-layer for consumers.

Among these regulations, are pesticide regulations that control pesticide-use for hemp that is grown for human consumption. The State of Colorado also performs routine inspections and sampling of all registered hemp growers to check their plants for THC-levels.

There’s a very high chance that if your CBD oil is made from hemp that comes from Colorado that it:

  1. Has a lower chance of having pesticides, and;
  2. It’s made from hemp plants that are 100% legal on a federal level.

The Production Process of SabaiDee CBD oil

SabaiDee utilizes supercritical CO2-extraction to extract the beneficial compounds out of the hemp plants.

There are pros and cons to every extraction-method. But the main benefit of CO2-extraction is that you can be sure it leaves no harmful residual solvents in the final product.

If you want to read more about CBD oil extraction methods, read our guide on:

After this initial extraction, the raw oil is processed through liquid chromatography. Liquid chromatography is a separation process where you can separate particular compounds based on travel speeds.

SabaiDee uses this specific process to remove THC from the raw extract at a low temperature (under 200 degrees Fahrenheit).

The end result is a 0% THC broad-spectrum CBD oil that only contains CBD, trace elements of other cannabinoids, and terpenes.

THC-free CBD oils have their pros and cons, which we’ll discuss in a bit.

The Final Biochemical Composition of SabaiDee CBD Oil

One of the best ways a CBD oil company can prove the biochemical composition of their CBD oil is by providing independent 3th-party lab-test results that show:

  • Cannabinoid-profile and cannabinoid-content;
  • Terpene-profile and terpene-content;
  • The absence/presence of toxins like heavy metals, pesticides, and residual solvents.

SabaiDee CBD Oil Lab Test Results Examined In-Depth

One way to verify the potency of a CBD oil is checking test results that show its cannabinoid- and terpene-profile.

These exact same test results will also prove whether a CBD oil is truly ‘full-spectrum’ or whether the company is just riding the ‘full-spectrum CBD oil‘ marketing hype.

At Herbonaut we always recommend a full-spectrum CBD oil over purified CBD oils (oils that only contain CBD.

Here’s why:

A full-spectrum CBD oil makes the best case for the ‘entourage effect’, which refers to the effect of all Hemp-derived compounds in the Hemp plant enhancing each other’s beneficial effects.

That said, some of you don’t want any THC in your CBD oil, for example, because you have a drug-test upcoming.

In that case, a THC-free CBD oil is the only choice.

Cannabinoid-Profile SabaiDee CBD Oil

Now, when we’re reviewing a CBD brand, we’re mostly interested in their most potent CBD oil.

For SabaiDee CBD oil, this is “Mega Good Vibes” and here is its cannabinoid-profile:

Cannabinoidprofile Sabaidee Mega Good Vibes

SabaiDee Mega Good Vibes has a very high concentration of CBD (8.64%).

This is probably one of the most potent CBD oils you can get when we only look at the CBD content.

However other cannabinoids are present in only trace-elements at most because they aren’t detected with a limit of quantitation (LOQ) of 0.01%.

This means that if the other cannabinoids are present, they’re only present at levels of 0.01% or lower.

It’s possible that SabaiDee CBD oil starts with higher concentrations of other cannabinoids, but the process to remove THC also removes the other cannabinoids.

In any case, SabaiDee CBD oil is definitely not a full-spectrum CBD oil. To learn more about different types of CBD products, read the article below:

Terpene-Profile SabaiDee CBD Oil

The role terpenes play in making highly potent CBD products might be more important than was initially thought.

That’s why we’re also interested in the terpene-profile of a CBD oil.

Here’s SabaiDee Mega Good Vibes’ terpene-profile:


With a total terpene-content of 0.3%, SabaiDee Mega Good Vibes has a much higher concentration of terpenes than the average CBD oil (which is around 0.1%).

This high terpene-content is one of the biggest reasons why we rate SabaiDee Mega Good Vibes as the best THC-free CBD oil in our list of top CBD oils.

The two terpenes present in the highest concentrations inside NuLeaf Naturals CBD oil are:

  • menthol, and;
  • eucalyptol.

Then there are 10 terpenes that are present but in less significant concentrations.

This means that SabaiDee Mega Good Vibes contains 12 different terpenes in detectable concentrations.

This is truly a great terpene-profile. There are only a few CBD oils with a better terpene-profile. These are generally always ethanol-extracted CBD oils. Ethanol-extraction is much more effective in extracting terpenes than CO2-extraction.

Toxins (Heavy Metals, Pesticides, Mycotoxins, and Residual Solvents)

When we decide to ingest a CBD oil into our body, we also want to make sure that it’s completely free of toxins and contaminants that could be harmful to our health.

There are different contamination risks related to the CBD oil production-process ranging from pesticide-contamination to heavy-metal-contamination.

If you want to learn more all potential health risks associated with taking CBD oil, read the article below:

Well, SabaiDee lets independently operating testing-facilities conduct multiple toxin-screening tests.

The results of these for their latest Mega Good Vibes batch can be found below:

Mycotoxins and Heavy Metals Test

SabaiDee Mega Good Vibes Mycotoxin and Heavy metal tests

Microbials Test


SabaiDee Mega Good Vibes Pesticide-test

Residual Solvents Test

SabaiDee Mega Good Vibes Residual Solvent Test

We can clearly see that SabaiDee Mega Good Vibes is 100% toxin- and contaminant-free.

Subjective Test of Potency

To assess the potency of a CBD oil subjectively, we simply test it for:

  • How well it improves sleep;
  • How well it decreases acute inflammation after a rigorous workout, and;
  • How well it decreases the tendency to get irritated on a bad day (some of us have a hot temper).

Let me explain.

SabaiDee Mega Good Vibes Dropper


Testing CBD oil for sleep and acute inflammation is relatively easy.

This is how we tested SabaiDee Mega Good Vibes CBD oil for sleep (for 3 days):

  • Take a full dropper of Mega Good Vibes CBD oil sublingually 15 minutes before sleep;
  • Keep a sleep diary (see further below);
  • Report how well rested I feel the next morning (on a scale of 1 to 5).

Below you can find the results I wrote down in my sleep diary:

SabaiDee Mega Good Vibes Sleep Test

How well-rested you feel the next morning is dependent on countless variables, therefore this is a highly unscientific and subjective test. And we want to make sure you understand that we can’t objectively ‘prove’ that one CBD oil is better for sleep than the other.

That being said …

As you can see, to keep things as consistent as possible I try to always go to bed and put the lights out around the same time.

My overall sleeping stats with SabaiDee Mega Good Vibes are very good. I don’t have insomnia or major sleeping problems. However, I can wake up in the middle of the night for sometimes longer than an hour. As you can see, when I took SabaiDee Mega Good Vibes, the minutes I stayed awake in the middle of the night were quite low and one night I didn’t even wake up at all.

Interestingly enough CBD oil, in general, doesn’t affect how fast I fall asleep. In general, I fall asleep within 10 minutes of going to bed, with or without CBD oil. SabaiDee Mega Good Vibes also didn’t affect how fast I fall asleep. That said, 10 minutes is quite fast anyway most people would agree.

In general, I can say SabaiDee Mega Good Vibes improved my sleep slightly compared to when not taking CBD oil.

Especially the minutes I stayed awake in the middle of the night were less, compared to not taking CBD oil.

Acute Inflammation

This is another very subjective and unscientific test. But the cartilage in my left knee gets easily irritated from exercises that put some strain on my knee. For example deep squats.

A good CBD oil reduces the inflammation in my knee significantly after a demanding workout. To test how well a CBD oil helps with my acute inflammation I always do 150 squats to feel slight irritation in my knee.

Then I take the CBD oil to see if it reduces the irritation that I feel. SabaiDee Mega Good Vibes reduced the irritation in my knee quite noticeably.

Feelings of Irritation

How I check how well a CBD oil has the potential to decrease my tendency to get irritated on a bad is as follows:

  • I know that if I have a night of bad sleep, I get irritated very easily the next day;
  • Whenever I have a tendency to get irritated easily about small things, I know it’s one of ‘those’ days;
  • 3 hours after waking up, I take a full dropper of the CBD oil (sublingually) and stay aware of how my tendency to get irritated fast on these types of days develops.

Taking a full dropper of SabaiDee CBD oil was highly effective for 3-4 hours to reduce my tendency to get irritated. Again, this is highly unscientific and subjective. But to me, this method is highly relevant and trustworthy.

To read more about the potential benefits of CBD oil, read the article below:


SabaiDee adds MCT oil from coconut and Peppermint oil to its hemp-extract.

I can’t say SabaiDee CBD oil has a very good taste, but it’s definitely not the worst either.

Especially the peppermint oil gives it quite a fresh taste.


SabaiDee Mega Good Vibes has a high price, but you get a huge bottle with a high CBD-content.

Because CBD oils come with different potencies to compare the price of Mega Good Vibes to other CBD oils, we look at the average price per dose.

When you use our 15% off coupon code: HERBONAUT

The price per average dose of CBD oil (25 mg of CBD) is $1.99. This around the average price of other premium CBD oils.

Buy SabaiDee CBD Oil

SabaiDee Mega Good Vibes Dropper2


SabaiDee Mega Good Vibes is a CBD oil with a very high CBD-content.

If you’re looking for a full-spectrum CBD oil, however, it’ doesn’t qualify as such.

It lacks too many other cannabinoids to be considered ‘full-spectrum’.

That said, if you’re looking for a THC-free CBD oil, SabaiDee Mega Good Vibes is one of the best THC-free CBD oils that you can currently buy.

It contains a wide profile of terpenes in higher than average concentrations compared to other CBD oils.

Get SabaiDee Mega Good Vibes CBD oil, by clicking the link below:

  • SabaiDee 15% off coupon code: HERBONAUT

Buy SabaiDee CBD Oil

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