r134a hemp and cannabis extraction advice and comments

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Microcontroller based operation very simple to navigate. You have control over pressure, temp & cycle time. Machine uses dual input hoppers so it ping pong back and forth. 1 complete cycle is 1.5 hrs average. That is 3, 20 minutes passes plus soak time. Add 30 minutes to the last cycle for final recovery.

Various hopper sizes can be deployed however let’s look at the lab series as the system will correlate at scale.
2 1kg hoppers (2.2lbs)
Biomass is 10%
1 complete cycle of one hopper will yield approximately 80 to 100 grams which is 8 to 10%. This took 1.5hrs to collect. Please note that 20% biomass will yield double.

You can use fresh flower and just pull terpene oil first collect it then decarb biomass and get resin. Truly what goes in comes out.

I hope I am explaining it clearly the lab scale machine can process about 25 lbs or 12 cycles a day. You can get 1 liter a day easy


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