Pressure Spotlight– Amnesia Express Car Feminised

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Call: Amnesia Express Car Feminised

Breeder: Phoenix Seeds

THC Level: 17%

Results: Blissful, Uplifting

Yield: Medium– High

Flavour: Citrus

This is a fantastic stress for anybody who enjoys the large power of the initial Amnesia and simply desired something a little faster and higher-yielding. Amnesia is a multiple-award-winning stress that is popular all over the world. It is a preferred in every Amsterdam cafe. She is not just effective and recreationally satisfying however is typically utilized as a medical stress. This is due to the fact that it is an effective Sativa and is well-known for its distinctively uplifting and energetic high.


Amnesia Express is a mix of the Original Skunk and a Ruderalis stress, however its hereditary background is a bit more fascinating than it appears. The initial Amnesia was produced by integrating C99, Jack Herer, Skunk and Thai genes. When these pressures came together they produced a Sativa dominant stress that was uplifting, amazing and very powerful. It gets its name from the truth that a number of puffs will have anybody forgetting their concerns. Amnesia is a multi-award winner, it has actually taken first location in the 2004 Marijuana Cup and first location in the 2012 Sativa Cup. There are several kinds of Amnesia due to the fact that her genes are so best. This variation was reproduced to be quick blooming whilst likewise offering an excellent yield.


This stress is very uplifting, energetic and pleased with an effective strength that simply cleans the brain tidy. For leisure usage, it is best for a bright day, most likely a weekend, and for hanging out. It is likewise a great stress for innovative exploits or for simply taking pleasure in a preferred movie. Medicinally it is utilized by those who experience stress and anxiety, anxiety, discomfort, tension and a range of other physical and psychological concerns. Basically it is best for anybody who simply desires a break from signs or persistent discomfort. Although it’s boosting it is likewise really unwinded, so it can be utilized at night for those who have a hard time to sleep due to stress and anxiety or sleeping disorders.

Blooming Time and Yield

This variation of Amnesia is autoflowering, which suggests it will have a much shorter blooming time and a decently sized yield. Autoflowering pressures do not need a light cycle to press them from vegetative to blooming. They simply do it by themselves when they feel all set, which reduces the blooming time. Amnesia Express measures up to its name with an astonishingly brief blooming time of 7 weeks. She is likewise efficient in growing inside your home, outdoors or in a greenhouse. The plants will typically get to 100– 120cm in height and the yield will be medium-high.


The aroma and flavour of Amnesia Express go completely with its uplifting high. The plants odor and taste highly of citrus with a burst of spice and Skunk. The odor and taste are likewise matched by the appearances of the plant. A stunning stress with thick buds covered in a thick layer of flashing resin.

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