With Wiseacre Farm Marijuana ready to reveal its very first harvest of Golden Bough it’s about time we come down to what all the difficulty is.

That fuss is mainly due to the truth the exclusive pressure grown in collaboration with Wiseacre Farm Marijuana and and Canna Arrangements, with special circulation at Canna Arrangements leisure dispensary areas in Western Massachusetts (in the beginning). It’s likewise due to the truth that Canna Provisions Director of Growing, the famous Greg “Chemdog” Krzanowski, sought advice from on the outside marijuana grow in the foothills of the Berkshires.

To start, do not listen to us. Listen to Northeast Leaf publication, who provided a sneak peek of Wiseacre Farm Marijuana and the Golden Bough crop to come back in December.

Canna Provisions Golden Bough Jon Piasecki Wiseacre Farm Cannabis Berkshires Lee Holyoke Pioneer Valley Easthampton
Wiseacre Farm Marijuana bringing Golden Bough specifically to Canna Arrangements in early 2021.

Led by owner and Harvard graduate and all around wild genius of sustainable farm and growing life, Jon Piaseki, Northeast Leaf discusses the sun and rainwater-fed outside crop of Berkshires marijuana flower:

Screen Shot 2021-01-12 at 5.59.52 PM
Wiseacre Farm’s Jon Piasecki, the “Cyclops” of Berkshire outside marijuana, grown with sun, air, rainwater, and love. Special for Canna Arrangements.

Piasecki, an artist, Harvard graduate, master stonemason, and landscape architect-slash-earth researcher satisfied Canna Provisions COO Erik Williams 2 years back, and after providing him an odor sneak peek of an early crop of the launch line of flower– Golden Bough, the exclusive launch pressure of Jon’s production– Williams closed the bag and stated he’ll take whatever.

An unique first-look supplies an olfactory experience heavy with abundant pine and pepper, along with consistent citrus fireworks by means of a Black Lime Unique Reserve moms and dad pressure (the other moms and dads stay exclusive and secret).

Thick bud weight, plainly from being leaked in sun and fed garden compost from the waste and by-products on the farm, and easy, pure water, were supercharged thanks to the large grow permitting ideal air blood circulation and complete sun gathering over the hills throughout the season.

” Chem was blown away by the autoflowered soda pops,” Piasecki states of his speaking with grow partner at Wiseacre, Greg “Chemdog” Krzanowski, Canna Arrangements’ Director of Growing.

Screen Shot 2021-01-12 at 5.59.12 PM
Drone shot of Wiseacre Farm Marijuana in the Berkshires. Take a look at the complete video listed below.

That’s right. Substantial soda pops. Amazing terpene profile. Black Lime Unique Reserve. Chemdog. Science. Paradise.

Wish to see more of Wiseacre Farm Marijuana coming specifically to Canna Arrangements?

If you’re a fan of our social networks channels (see: cannaprovisions, cannaprovisionsgroup) you have actually most likely seen a few of the fantastic video footage originating from Wiseacre Farm Marijuana just recently. If not, take a look at the listed below video (age-gate check in needed, it’s marijuana after all) and beverage in the sights and noises of Wiseacre Marijuana. Then, come see us for some.

Wiseacre Farm Marijuana from Canna Arrangements YouTube Page:

[embedded content]

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