Nano Enhanced Hemp Oil – CBD Living Daily Tincture Product Review

High Potency Nano CBD Oil:  1,500 mg/btl

VELsorb®: Colloidal Micelle Delivery System

Full Spectrum Nano CBD Oil and MCT Oil

Vegan – No THC 

1 fl oz (30 ml) Bottle – 1 ml Dropper Top Included

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$79.95 each 

6-Pack 1,500mg Discount 20% @ $389.95 

12-Pack 1,500mg Discount 30% @ $689.95

** NEW: PRICE LEADER = Best Value: 4,500 mg/btl @ only $179.95 each **

6-Pack 4,500 mg: 20% Off Retail @ $869.95

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My Rating: 10 out of 10

As the established leader in nano water technology, CBD Living, LLC has traditionally focused on the types of CBD products that are well-suited for nano CBD delivery systems and the most effective results from CBD therapies.

As an author and publisher who has voluntarily and enthusiastically supported, personally tested and has reviewed their products for many years now, I was always surprised that they didn’t offer a nano enhanced CBD oil.

Well they do now! CBD Living Daily Tincture oil… and I couldn’t be more thrilled for our Members who have been asking for it!  Let’s face it, nano CBD oil is regenerating interest in sublingual, CBD oil in a tincture bottle.

CBD Living Daily Tincture’s characteristics are very unique and immediately noticeable compared to other “nano” enhanced hemp oil products using less effective and common liposomal and colloidal technologies.

Nano CBD oil is designed by biochemists with severe chronic pain sufferers and patients experiencing psychological anxiety/stress conditions in mind.  You’ll find that CBD Living offers some of the highest doses of true nano CBD obtainable at this point at up to 4,500 mg per 2 fl. oz. bottle.

All bottles and concentrations come with typical dropper-squeeze tops for a measured dose of 1 mg. of nano CBD.  And each dropper clearly shows the ‘measured’  dosage, so you can accurately take less whenever you chose.

Nano CBD Hemp Oil

And for those that want to boost their dosage with another 1,000 mg of nano CBD very economically, check out my Product Review for CBD Living Crystalline Isolate. 

You simply add the CBD Crystalline Isolate (no taste) to the Tincture 1000 which brings it up to 2,000 mg per bottle.

CBD Living Tincture oil is clear and completely void of color which visually demonstrates the pharmaceutical level quality compared to other oils which contain all kinds of remnant organic particulates which may or may not provide a benefit.

It definitely has a very subtle flavor, but it’s almost flavorless compared to the “hemp breath” and lingering aftertaste of most CBD oils and Hemp oils.

What is Nano Enhanced Hemp Oil?

Since the 1960’s, nanoscience has made an immeasurable impact on nanotechnology and the direction it has subsequently taken.  After the invention of the scanning-tunneling microscope in the 1980’s nano scientists became able to more closely examine and understand the interactions of the nano particles created.

Among all the news today about nano-sized devices and microchips which are so commonplace in consumer products and electronics (nano-electronic engineering), “nanotechnology” has also become the leading edge in pharmaceutical products.

You’ll notice more and more information via products to which you are introduced that utilize nanotechnology.

nano enhanced cbd oil

The reason for this is that the extremely small, nano-sized particles in medications and essential supplements are 9 to 10 times more effective due to its 100% bioavailability.  As in the case with cannabidiol (CBD), nothing is lost to the digestive and filtering organs in our bodies.  More effective dosing means that it is also more economical based on the amount of CBD actually delivered at the individual cell level.

For those of you who are interested in a deeper dive into CBD and Nanotechnology, please refer to this pillar post on the subject.

CBD and The Endocannabinoid System

As I explain in my article “Cannabis and Endocannabinoid System”, I describe the 3 basic components to our ECS, and explain that it is a modulatory system that has been critical to balancing our central and peripheral nervous systems to the degree that chronic pain, anxiety and stress can be treated naturally, without toxic effects from prescription drugs.

Our endocannabinoid systems produce substances almost identical to CBD, and the same CB1 and CB2 receptors cells located throughout our bodies.

These receptor cells will accept any amount of CBD necessary or otherwise bioavailable, and only to the degree that it is needed by the trillions of cells that make up our body.

Perhaps you’ve heard about “The Bliss Molecule” anandamide?  Hint: Chocolate


Well, it was discovered by the same guy that discovered the human ECS and identified the healing properties of CBD and THC, Dr. Rafael Mechoulam (plus VIDEO).  He also proved that anandamide engages (“docks up”) with CB1 receptor cells to regulate the homeostasis (balance) within various body systems like immune, hormone, cardio-vascular, and nervous systems.

The take-away here is that without CBD, you are depending on that which your body manufactures on its own.  So, when your body is submitted to increasing amounts of stress or disease, you may find that only CBD in nano form can return your body more towards a more normal and healthy balance.

Does CBD Work For Anxiety?

Yes, it does.  And quite effectively for patients who are trying to wean themselves off of prescription medications that cause undesirable side effects.  More and more physicians are recommending CBD for anxiety relief as well as pain relief.

The effect of CBD when introduced to our endocannabinoid system results is what is typically referred to as “a calming effect” to the central and peripheral nervous system that does not include any typical drug-type effects or side-effects.

No longer do people have to face a choice between toxic medication and drug addiction.

CBD is a completely natural, non-toxic, and non-addicting alternative to many anxiety and depression medications.

CBD and Anxiety

PTSD patients are clearly an example of people suffering from severe anxiety and depression.  Each day, more veterans are extolling the benefits of CBD for those who don’t like the effects of medical marijuana containing THC.  You too are likely to find a much better relief with CBD therapy and CBD in “nano form” delivers even better results for myself and our members at Cannabis Animus.

CBD Oil Manufacturers

CBD and Nano Technology

As I’ve become more educated on liposomal, colloidal, micelle, and nano structures utilized in CBD oil manufacturing, I’ve come to understand the differences between many of the popular CBD brands that claim to offer the best nano enhanced hemp oil.

The first thing to understand as a consumer, or appreciate anyway, is that CBD is very difficult to work with from the standpoint of biochemical product stability.  This has made it difficult to duplicate nano CBD oil products exactly and consistently from batch to batch (especially in water).

Add in the complexities of “current good manufacturing practice” (CGMP), and the challenges for most all CBD oil manufacturers expand farther than they are capable of, or willing to go.

The reason scientists, and now manufacturers, are so attracted to this technology comes from the beneficial results.

These extremely small, nano-sized particles in medications and essential dietary supplements have been described as being 5 to 10 times more effective than typical form organics.

Approved by U.S. National Institutes of Health

This dramatic increase in effectiveness is because the actual molecules are reduced in the lab to over one-millionth of its original molecular size.   At this size literally all of the CBD becomes 100% bioavailable to our bodies (and pets).  As in the case with cannabidiol (CBD), nothing is lost to the digestive and filtering organs in our bodies.  More effective dosing means that it is also more economical based on the amount of CDN actually delivered at the individual cell level.

When you read that a CBD product is “water-soluble”, it is an example of misleading and inaccurate advertising or journalism.  Be the one that speaks to truth in nano CBD conversation.

Even the finest nano CBD molecules produced are NOT water-soluble.

In layman’s terms, the best of nano CBD particles are reduced in size to approximately one-millionth of their original, organic size… and then, encapsulated in a colloidal micelle structure which allows an organic, oil-based CBD particle to remain in solution – even in water.  And nano CBD has a longer shelf life!

cbd manufacturers

CBD added to an “base oil” is much less complicated for a CBD oil manufacturer to produce and therefore less expensive to provide the public because both cannabidiol (CBD) and base oils are “oil-based” substances.

Adding nano CBD to a base oil like MCT (multi-chain-triglyceride) to a nano-CBD-colloidal structure is more complicated but similarly easy to blend with base oil(s).  The difference is that  nano CBD products are 5 to 10 times more bioavailable (effectiveness) and will therefore become more bioactive as a result.

Nano Enhanced Hemp Oil Benefits

Following is a list of a few nano enhanced hemp oil benefits:

  • CBD Living’s proprietary and patent pending process for nano-sizing CBD in a pharmaceutical grade CBD oil tincture product provides 100% bioavailability and immediate absorption.

  • CBD Living company claims that their tests show a 9X or higher absorption rates compared to a standard CBD hemp oil tincture product.

  • CBD Living Daily Tincture’s oil is tested to be void of not only pesticides and herbicides, but is certified as having any heavy metals removed as well.

  • Only pharmaceutical grade MCT oil (medium chain triglyceride) derived from MCT fractured coconut oil is used as a base oil in CBD Living Daily Tincture. No VG (vegetable glycerin), or PG (propylene glycol) is added.

  • Since the CBD oil is intended to be applied under the tongue, the nano-sizing of the oil absorbs much faster and more efficiently in your mouth’s tissues while what remainder is relegated to the digestive tract where again, the nano CBD clusters are also absorbed more efficiently than a standard hemp oil.

Will This CBD Help Me Sleep?

Consumer Reports recently reported tha about 10% of Americans reported having used CBD as a natural sleep aid.  The majority of them stated that it helps them achieve better sleep and they continue to use it.

Current Psychology Reports has published information showing how deeper sleep is governed by receptors in the brain.  Their reports show that CBD and other cannabinoids interact with these receptors in the brain and central nervous system to provide both pain and anxiety relief which helps patients achieve deeper sleep cycles.

According to Dr. Joseph Maroon, clinical professor of neurosurgery at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center has been researching the effects of cannabinoids on the brain.

He agrees that CBD can help some patients relieve pain and anxiety symptoms which make healthful sleep more possible – including staying asleep.

CBD for Sleep

Dr. Maroon’s goes further in his recent article stating that he does not consider CBD to be a treatment for insomnia, however he does consider cannabidiol (CBD) to be an “alternative natural sleep aid that can help calm anxious thoughts that often delay or interrupt natural sleep.”

Dosing For CBD Living Daily Tincture Oil

Each bottle of CBD Living Daily Tincture contains 1 fl. oz. (30 ml) of nano enhanced CBD oil.

Each full squeeze of the dropper will draw approximately 1 ml of oil from the 30 ml bottle.

This equates to a minimum recommended daily dose of 50 mg CBD for 30 days.

This 1,500 mg size that we offer at Cannabis Animus is designed for people who truly NEED more nano CBD oil per dose than they’ve been told.

Compare to other brands that only offer lower potencies (by volume) at 125 mg to 500 mg products which are simply not nearly enough for most people to get relief.

If you want to increase the dose to 2,000 mg quite economically, just add a package of CBD Living Isolate to the oil.

CBD Living Daily Tincture Benefits

Or better yet!  For even lower cost-per-dose, I highly recommend the Hi-Potency nano CBD tincture oil from CBD Living.  It is specifically formulated (and priced) for patients with severe, chronic pain and anxiety conditions where larger doses are required for desired relief.

Medical doses used in 100’s of clinical trials all over the world typically use 50 – 60mg per dose.  So, that’s much higher than many people are recommended for their “daily dose”.

Nano CBD Tincture Oil

Please realize that these are considered standard adult doses by myself and CBD Living, LLC as well.  And as you may have already learned from personal experience, everyone responds differently to different doses depending on age, medical condition, and general CBD receptivity. Some of us respond well to lower doses while others require more, and more often.  

You can logically expect different products will produce different levels of results.  Fact is, I have found that many patients do not take enough CBD to achieve the best results… and the research proves it.


As of this writing, I have been taking the CBD Living Daily Tincture in 1,500 mg  per bottle or exactly 30 days. This has delivered approximately 33 mg of CBD equivalent compared to my usual 10 mg dose from a bottle of CBD Living Water (16.9 fl. oz).

I’ve noticed that they both begin to take effect for my conditions within 5 minutes of applying either under tongue, or consumed/drank with my nano CBD water.

However, I do believe that both the chronic pain relief (mine is osteoarthritis) and stress relief effects (and anxiety issues) lasts longer with the tincture because it has over 3X the dose of CBD.

I still prefer the CBD water when I’m hydrating during and/or after sports activities.  Hands down, I go for the nano CBD Living Water because I understand why water is a wonderful delivery vehicle for effective CBD delivery.

That said, CBD Living’s new, nano CBD oil tincture product is just as powerful as their premier product – which I think deserves high recognition and mentioned here with emphasis.

Without any hesitation, I can say that my experience with CBD Living Tincture oil over the last 30 days has delivered far superior results to any other CBD or hemp oil brand I’ve ever used.

Nano Enhanced Hemp Oil

  • Not all CBD is created equal because not all CBD is manufactured the same.

  • Nano CBD is completely used by the body, regardless of dosage, within 6 – 8 hours with diminishing residual effects following every hour thereafter.

  • Therefore, re-dosing may be advised based on your unique condition. You decide…  If you are not getting enough relief, then double your dosage.

  • Generally speaking, nano CBD is about 10X as effective as most non-nano-sized CBD products.

  • Some people (and pets) require higher doses of CBD for the optimal effect to be achieved – regardless of their body weight (or pet’s weight).

If you have any questions, call Ted at (888) 302-3600

I sincerely hope that you have learned more about nano-enhanced CBD Hemp oil, and why it has become the focus of state-of-the-art CBD delivery systems.  Does this help?

Please leave your comments below!  Our members and visitors want to hear from you.

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