MPX International Corp (OTCMKTS:MPXOF) Provides Virtual Medical Services To The Patients In Canada Through Spartan Wellness Portal Amid Coronavirus Crisis

MPX International Corp (OTCMKTS:MPXOF) offers virtual medical services to the Canadian patients through the Spartan Wellness Portal on Medical Cannabis Learning Network (MCLN). President, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer of MPX, W. Scott, said the company is excited to offer support to the patients in choosing the right medical cannabis products with the help of the Medical Cannabis Learning Network and through its Spartan Wellness Clinic.

Patients can access the services of qualified healthcare practitioners

With this initiative, the patients can access the services of highly qualified healthcare professionals by providing the filled in medical prescriptions through a virtual pharmacy. They can get medical cannabis products at their doorstep. The company has invested in both the MCLN and the Spartan Wellness portal, which are accessible from any device. Both provide a variety of consultative and educational services to the patients. The online portal of MPX also accepts orders for premium oil, flower, and oil. It is highly useful to avail of medical services while maintaining the social distancing at this difficult juncture.

MCLN is an effective service to the patients

COO of MPX, Michael Arnkvarn, said MCLN has proven to be a valuable and effective service to the patients during coronavirus crisis to get the right medical cannabis products. He feels that virtual services will serve the patients post COVID-19 as well and becomes part of its health infrastructure. The company is pleased to deliver medical cannabis products and virtual consultation services to existing and new patients.

Veterans have established the Spartan Wellness Clinics initially to support other veterans. However, it has grown to be a virtual service and can be used by several patients groups across Canada. People in Canada can access this service to alleviate depression, anxiety, and pain. Chief Executive Officer and founder of Spartan Wellness, Riad Byne, said Spartan Wellness supports the first responders and veterans. The company will strive to expand its services across Canada to serve more patients in Canada during these difficult times. He further said a team of qualified professionals provides support services to the patients through this virtual network.

MPX has postponed the annual conference of its shareholders to safeguard the safety and health of its employees and investors because of the impact of dreaded coronavirus.

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