Marijuana delivery moves closer toward reality in Massachusetts

Recreational marijuana sales in Massachusetts remain on pause in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, but state officials are moving toward making delivery an option for when they do resume.

The Cannabis Control Commission announced last Thursday that it will make license applications available on May 28 for third-party companies hoping to deliver purchases from dispensaries to local residents’ doorsteps. Applications will also be available to marijuanamicrobusinesses” hoping to deliver their own product. For the first two years, only participants in the CCC’s two equity programs will be able to apply.

While medical marijuana dispensaries in Massachusetts have been allowed to offer home delivery (and 18 do), most adults have had to visit one of the state’s often-bustling 42 recreational pot shops in person to make a purchase. Officials say that puts the legal industry at a competitive disadvantage with illicit drug dealers, who have offered home delivery for years.

The applications will be available through the CCC’s online portal.

However, delivery applicants will also have to first provide some basic information to the CCC about their business, plans, and procedures in order to receive “pre-certification,” which the agency hopes will speed up the overall process and shield small businesses from incurring too much financial risk. [Read more at]

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