License Build and Sell the 10L CO2 System

As Infinity Supercritical moves towards Eco Extraction we are offering licensing or acquisition of the 10L CO2 system and licensing or acquisition of our Fast Filter systems. Buy a build license prior 1 June 2020, and get a new 10L CO2 system included at no extra cost. That is a $99,000 value.

Products for Licensing:

10L CO2 Extractor

Build License Materials (Deliverables):

A. Manuals (pdf)

B. Parts List

– Part Description

– Part Quantity

– Part Supplier

– Part SKU

– Part Equipment Use or Location

C. Suppliers

D. Blueprints

E. Build Notes

F. Ordering Strategy

G. Build Strategy

H. Testing

I. Crating

– Amount and Type of Wood

– Fasteners

– Plans

J. Training

K. Checklists

L. Equipment Needed for Manufacture and Assembly

– Machines

– Tools


If you are interested in purchasing a build license, please contact us.

Email: [email protected]

TEL: 720-541-9113

Shop Location: Ferndale, Washington

Sales Office: Madison, Wisconsin


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