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DUNLAP, Tenn., June 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Celebrating Tennessee hemp and agriculture, as well as the art and music of the state, Kat’s Naturals, a leading privately owned CBD company, today debuted the first product from its limited-edition Kat’s Craft Collection.

Available now only until supplies last is a 32:1 CBD:thc ratio sublingual blend of CBD and CBDa. The inaugural product from Kat’s Craft Collection is sourced from a locally grown T[ennessee}-1 hemp variety which contains high cannabinoid content and other essential terpenes. The proprietary blend provides mood-boosting benefits associated with CBD, in addition to the digestion aid, and pain and nausea relief attributed to CBC.

“The Kat’s Craft line is unique for the CBD hemp industry. From cultivating the plant to bottling, we are bringing our customers some of the purest, most distinguished product on the market,” said Kat Merryfield, Founder and CEO of Kat’s Naturals. “It’s like a plant in a bottle…the moment you pop the cork, you will smell, taste and feel the T[ennessee}-1 strain, as if you were picking it fresh from the fields.”

Kat’s Craft Collection represents what is possible when a single origin, fully traceable, vertically cooperative supply chain delivers pure and beneficial products to customers. Consisting solely of premium, single strains of CBD hemp originating in Tennessee, the Kat’s Craft Collection came to fruition through unique partnerships between state hemp growers and producers.

The new collection is the result of unique collaborations between Kat’s Naturals and Nashville’s NuSachi, an expert in genetics, plant material, extracts, and custom formulations; Optimara Agriculture, top quality indoor growers of CBD/CBG seedlings and clones in Nashville; and Status Serigraph, Knoxville, Tenn. specialists in limited-edition concert posters and design for the music industry.

“Kat’s Naturals is consistently recognized as a top brand and an aspiration to the Tennessee hemp and CBD market. NuSachi’s proprietary processes are ideally suited for trusted products like the portfolio Kat Merryfield continues imagining,” said Tonya Lewis, CEO of NuSachi. “Knowing that NuSachi is playing a pivotal role in bringing this therapeutic and healing plant to the masses gives our team a deep sense of pride and joy. But knowing that consumers are choosing pure quality over quantity when they purchase the Kat’s Craft limited release is why we exist.”

The NuSachi SOLAR System is a proprietary process for the hemp and cannabis industry that yields a solvent-free Single Origin Live Active Rosin (SOLAR) extraction in compliance with the most stringent organic and best-practice manufacturing certifications. At harvest, hemp flower is flash frozen. The plant is then extracted without solvents to create a “live rosin,” essentially a pure extract from plant material that was never dried, heated, or treated. Flash-freezing preserves the terpene fingerprint, so the extraction captures the plant’s best expression at harvest.

To match the high-level product inside the bottle, Kat’s Naturals designed new packaging and visual branding for Kat’s Craft Collection in partnership with artist Justin Helton of Status Serigraph. Helton is known for designs for some of the biggest names in music, including the Grateful Dead, Phish and Dave Matthews Band. Drawing on his 15 years of experience illustrating concert posters for internationally renowned bands, Helton created a label reminiscent of authentic vintage band posters affixed on a collectable, apothecary style bottle.

“As someone who normally designs for concerts and musicians, having a chance to design for a craft CBD product really had me intrigued. It gave me a chance to spread my wings and learn more about the roots of CBD as I went,” said Helton. “Kat’s Naturals takes a lot of pride in their products just as I take a lot of pride in my designs, so this was a perfect fit when it comes to collaborations.”

With 2000 milligrams (mg) of high-quality CBD, Kat’s Craft Collection is available in a four-ounce (120 ml) bottle containing 120 1-ml servings for USD$188. The dropper applicator includes measurement markers (0.25, 0.50, 0.75 and 1ml), allowing for accuracy and flexibility for desired serving sizes. Kat’s Craft Collection only available online at www.katscraftcollection.com. 

Kat’s Naturals is a leading provider of CBD products with over 30 unique offerings including sublingual oil, skincare, and pet supplements. Kat emphasizes the importance of scaling her business to meet consumer demand while remaining true to her own standards and moral compass. Each product is tested three times for quality and purity, uses only organic materials, is sourced from local farmers, employs environmentally friendly packaging, and contributes 10% of profits to charity. 

NuSachi, Inc. partners with pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, pet, beauty, food, and beverage leaders to ensure transparency from seed to sale for premium hemp products around the world. NuSachi offers expertise and services spanning genetics, plant material, extracts, custom formulations, white labeling, and comprehensive turnkey solutions. NuSachi is based in Nashville, Tenn. and can be found online at nusachi.com or via social media @nusachihemp.

Based in Nashville, Tenn., Optimara Agriculture is a business unit of Optimara, the earth’s largest grower of African Violets. The team manages a large-scale growing operation and focuses on farmer needs – providing guidance for planting, testing and harvesting. The company has quickly become a preferred source for premium quality CBD and CBG strains of hemp seedlings and clones. More information can be found at hemp.optimara.com.

Media Contact: Tiny Mighty Communications – Paul Oakley[email protected]

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