Kansas City Cops Blame Marijuana For Increase In Deadly Car Crashes

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According to the Kansas City Cops Department, the variety of deadly auto accident including marijuana has actually more than doubled in the previous 2 years.

That would suggest, according to a discussion to the Board of Cops Board Commissioners, that 53 percent of all deadly crashes in Kansas City include marijuana.

KCPD representative Capt. David Jackson informed KCUR that, “Cannabis usage does appear to be a minimum of associated in part to deadly auto accident.”

Although that is extremely tentative language, Jackson likewise confessed other aspects were at fault too: speed, attention, and individuals stopping working to use seat belts.

These Numbers Do Not Build Up

Kansas City has actually certainly relieved up on its position towards marijuana in the last few years. Missouri just recently released medical marijuana sales in October 2020, and in July the city board voted to stop prosecuting marijuana belongings at the community level.

Nevertheless, Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas, keeps that the KCPD is “grossly out of touch” with Kansas Citians on the problem of marijuana, according to KCUR.

Lucas thinks more information is required prior to blaming marijuana for the increase in deadly crashes.

In Washington State, for example, which legislated adult-use marijuana in 2012, THC-positive deadly auto accident have actually increased from approximately 8.8 percent to 18.8 percent since 2017.

And yet, according to KCPD, that number in Missouri is 53 percent?

The last time Kansas City had more than 100 deadly crashes, according to KCUR, remained in 2017, when cops weren’t sure why the number was so high.

What makes them so sure this time?

Furthermore, it is rather hard for cops and private investigators to figure out marijuana as a perpetrator in deadly crashes, generally since THC can spend time in the blood for days, long after its mind-altering impact has actually subsided.

While no one ought to ever be motivated to drive while under the impact of any mind-altering compound, sadly it is difficult to rely on cops departments on anything marijuana related after the marijuana suits in Nebraska and South Dakota.

Is Marijuana a Real Risk to Roadway Security?

A great deal of individuals think that driving while high is much safer than driving while intoxicated. Some even declare to be much better motorists while high due to increased focus.

Nevertheless real any of these claims may be, it is never ever a great concept to take in marijuana right prior to driving.

A current research study in Australia on marijuana and driving exposed that THC did trigger some disability, and one ought to wait a minimum of 4 hours after vaping marijuana prior to supporting the wheel.

Raising awareness and informing people on this problem is crucial.

We can state the very same for sidetracked driving, too. More individuals are getting riskier with their mobile phones while driving, and yet research study reveals that a deadly crash is 66 percent most likely when the chauffeur is managing their phone.

And this does not take into consideration the chauffeur problems brought on by alcohol, prescription medication, and illegal compounds.

Why aren’t the cops raising more issues about all of this? Why the concentrate on marijuana?

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