It’s Time For Compassion In Action

The world right now is facing an issue of enormous scale and human impact, inspiring our need to serve our community with Compassion in Action. Our hearts go out to all who have been affected by the recent events.

With our Compassion in Action focus, Pure Hemp Botanicals’ role and responsibility is to prioritize two things: the health and well-being of our customers and partners, while also playing a constructive role in our community.

We have taken several precautionary steps to safeguard ourselves and our community including increasing our cleaning and sanitizing procedures throughout our facilities. It is important to note that all of the Pure Hemp Botanicals products are always pure, crafted in a clean and disinfected facility.

Our products are produced with full transparency and are always 3rd party laboratory tested. The laboratory test results are available on our website for each and every batch, indicated on each product by the batch sticker. That in itself is unique to any product you can purchase. Have you considered what is in your oatmeal? Is there a place you can get a lab result on it’s contents? Our transparency is your peace of mind.

Speaking of peace of mind, here are a few helpful things that you can do to help yourself during these shifting times.

Pause and Reflect Then 3 Conscious Breaths

  • First, the pause brings you into the present moment and out of negative preoccupations.
  • Second, to do this you accept that it is worth doing and that you deserve to give yourself this pause with your busy mind.
  • Third, deliberate, calm breathing increases peace especially if you breathe with your tummy.

  Find Your Gratitude

Here are a few considerations that may help you find your gratitude when times are difficult:

  • Intentionally Choose It. Gratitude is available to you always. This is true for everyone at any given time. Remember that each next breath is a gift.
  • Count your blessings. A new day, a warm bed, a loving spouse, a child in your life, a unique personality, or a special talent… You have wonderful things in your life already. Gratitude quickly sets in when we begin to spend a quiet moment each day remembering them. This practice alone has the potential to change your heart and life immeasurably.
  • Stop focusing on what you don’t have. Too many people never realize gratitude because they spend so much mental energy focused on what they don’t have. Throw away catalogs and advertisements that inevitably promise you more fulfillment and joy in life. Those things are not sold in stores—never have been, never will be.
  • Embrace humility. Humility is an essential aspect of gratitude. A humble heart finds satisfaction in the gifts it already possesses and demands less from others and life. Remember that no matter what your accomplishments, your life contains no more inherent value than the person sitting next to you… no matter where you may be sitting.
  • Open your eyes to those with less. Almost half the world, over three billion people, live on less than $2.50 a day. 1.1 billion people have inadequate access to clean water, and 2.6 billion lack basic sanitation. Let those facts sink in for just a moment—and slowly allow gratitude and a desire to become part of the solution to take their place.
  • Find gratitude in difficulty. It is easy to be grateful when things are going well. It can be more difficult during the trials of life: death, disease, rejection, or failure. The truth is that no one is exempt from the trials of life, but good can always be found in even the worst of times. And embracing gratitude during those trials may be the one thing that gets you through them.

We are privileged to serve you.

With Compassion In Action,

Staff At Pure Hemp Botanicals


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