Is Full Spectrum the Same as Isolate?

Short answer: No. However, the real answer can be confusing.

Full Spectrum Hemp Extract is the complete oil extracted from the Hemp Plant. Full Spectrum Extract Oils contain all of the Hemp plant’s cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.

Hemp Isolate products will contain only 1 cannabinoid (as the name suggests 1 “isolated” compound).

This doesn’t mean than 1 is better than the other. This simply means that you should know what you’re getting to have a better understanding of the potential benefits you’ll be able to experience from each type of product on the market.

Products containing Hemp Isolates will generally cost a little less than products containing Full Spectrum Hemp Extract and will tend to sell with higher concentrations as well (some manufacturers sell higher levels of Full Spectrum based products as well, but they will typically cost significantly more than their Isolate counterparts).

You should always take the time to understand the benefits of any product you choose to include in your nutritional intake. Take a look at the benefits of each of the components found in the Hemp plant here:

Health Benefits of Hemp

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