How to Take CBD Oil Tinctures Sublingually

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Stop right there! Have you been guzzling CBD oil like there’s no tomorrow? Swallowing it from the dropper, straight up? Don’t!

As it turns out, there’s a method to ensure better delivery and efficacy of this natural medicine. Did you know that is is best if you hold the tincture (or oil!) under your tongue? And for 90 seconds?

Yep, a minute and a half should do the trick. The key here is to allow the CBD to absorb into your bloodstream sublingually (meaning under the tongue). Mucous membranes and tiny capillaries under your tongue absorb cannabidiol directly; it’s this direct pathway that creates a quicker efficacy, meaning you’ll get relief from what’s ailing you more quickly.

It’s not to say that eating CBD is bad or wrong, it just goes through a different process that way. In fact, the remainder of the oil and CBD you swallow after holding it goes through the digestive process as well.

When you consume CBD strictly orally, it breaks down in your digestive tract — meaning you don’t necessarily get the entire dose (and if you do, it’s a slow, sustained release). This is great if you’re struggling to stay asleep all night, but might not be ideal for something like a migraine or panic attack.

Thanks to CBD Tinctures, you can bypass that breakdown from the digestive tract and liver for the initial relief, and then get the slow and sustained effects from digesting the remainder. It’s the best of both worlds.

So yes, it’s really that simple — just hold it under your tongue! While it may feel a tad foreign at first, we promise it’ll be second nature in no time. And it’s definitely worth it for that quick relief.

How to Take CBD Oil Tinctures Sublingually
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