How to Make CBD Butter for Cooking and Baking – Our Guide

Of the many ways you can consume CBD—pills, oils, vape—one of the more popular methods is to eat them. No, you aren’t going to consume pure CBD, but rather mixed into something else. These are called CBD edibles, and can come in many forms, such as CBD gummies, powders, jams, and even CBD butter!

Recently, one of the fastest growing methods to take CBD is by making this CBD-infused butter. Not only is this type of edible easy to make, but it can be incorporated into your lifestyle without any trouble. Plus, there’s no denying that butter is tasty!

If you’re wondering how you can make CBD butter, this article will tell you how you can do so. Before we begin, however, we’ll tell you exactly why you should be making CBD butter.

The uniqueness of CBD butter

The reason CBD butter is good is due to the fact that you can quickly implement it to your daily routine. Especially if you’re a butter lover, you’ll undoubtedly find no trouble at all taking in CBD. It is also straightforward and easy to make.

Whether you’re baking cookies with CBD butter or spreading some of it on pieces of bread, it is something you can do and enjoy, knowing that not only does it taste good, but it is making you healthier. The butter is also much easier for your body to metabolize, meaning that they are quickly taken in and absorbed by your body.

That said, though, just be careful cooking with CBD butter, as temperatures higher than 180 Celsius (350 Fahrenheit) will burn the CBD benefits out of the butter.

To that end, here how you can start making CBD butter!

Making the CBD Butter

To get started, you’ll need the following items:

  • 2 cups butter (unsalted for baking, salted for cooking)
  • 20 ml CBD oil (or calculate the number of mgs you would like per serving)
  • A saucepan to melt butter
  • An airtight container

Start by placing your saucepan on the stovetop, and setting the temperature to low. Next, add the butter into the saucepan, stirring as it melts.

Once the butter has fully melted, turn the heat off, and remove from the heat source. Then, add your CBD oil into the mix well.

Once the butter begins to set again, you should be left with a thick and creamy mixture. Leave the mixture to cool off just enough for it to be transferable into the airtight container. If you keep it a little too long over the heated stove, know that it may solidify in the pan. Turning the heat on for a few moments can help loosen the butter for transfer.

Scoop the CBD butter mixture into the container, close it, and place it in the fridge, and you’re done! You can treat it like you would regular butter, taking it out for use, spreading it on corn, bread, or anything else, and placing it back in the fridge to keep fresh.

CBD butter, along with plenty of other CBD edibles, is a great way to enjoy hemp‘s benefits. In this form, they’re easier to consume and much easier for the body to metabolize, meaning that you’re gaining the most benefits out of the substance. To that end, you now know how to make and enjoy the CBD butter, and even more so getting to eat it!

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