How To Make Cannabis Perfume For Beautiful Skin And Scent

You can make your own CBD and essential oil perfume at home in very little time.

weed santai perfume with rose hip

With five ingredients or less, you can make your own simple cannabis perfume in less than ten minutes. Skip your complicated recipes and create cannabis santai perfume. Follow this roll on CBD and essential oil mixture and access these exciting ingredients today. If you’re looking to save money and smell great, ditch your chemical laden scent. This natural weed fragrance is moisturizing, sweet smelling, and simply beautiful.

What is cannabis santai perfume?

Are you familiar with cannabis santai? Translated literally, santai means relax in Malayisian. Weed santai perfume is a popular aromatic blend that designed to elicit relaxation. This formula is put together using healthful essential oils and CBD oil for ultimate calm.

We create our weed santai using rose hip oil and ylang-ylang. This is due to their skin potentials. Rose hip essential oil is rich in anti-oxidants. It may even reduce inflammation and ward off skin aging.

If that isn’t enough, Ylang-ylang is full of skin helping potential, too! This unique plant may act as an anti-inflammatory. Armour your skin with this rumoured anti-fungal botanical. Interestingly, this exciting oil is even used to enhance the feeling of euphoria during bedroom activities in Indonesia.

This dynamic duo offers many skin loving features. When added to CBD oil, this potential is raised even further. CBD infused oil is moisturizing and can give your skin a dewy glow.

What do I need to create this CBD perfume with cannabis flower?

cannabis santai perfume with y'lang yl'ang

All you need for your weed perfume is a collection of your favorite essential oils and CBD oil. Create CBD oil using coconut oil and CBD bud. Combine this with the essential oils of your choosing and voila! You’re on the track to creating a magnificent scent.

We use rose hip oil and ylang-ylang for improved scent and skin. You can change these essential oils if you prefer other scents. If you’re looking for a morning pick-me-up, try peppermint oil. If you’re hoping to calm down after a long day, swap out rose hip oil, for camomile.

You will need a small roll on bottle that can house 10ml of liquid. Grab your CBD coconut oil, two essential oils, your bottle, and a measuring cup with a spout. This is all you need to create your weed infused santai perfume.

Do you need to create CBD infused coconut oil for your weed perfume?

If you need to formulate a CBD infused coconut oil, you’ll need to follow a couple small steps

First, talk to your local dispensary rep. Let them know that you’re creating weed perfume. Ask them to direct you to a CBD bud that is pleasant smelling. They may be able to direct you to a CBD flower that has complementary terpenes. Terpenes influence the scent of cannabis, and may make your weed santai perfume smell even better.

Follow this recipe to create your own cannabis coconut oil. This recipe will yield a fair amount of CBD oil. Feel free to use this for weed edibles or other CBD beauty products.

If your CBD coconut oil is ready, it’s time to create your new cannabis oil perfume!

Now that your base weed infusion is all ready, it’s time to create your new CBD beauty product! Follow the recipe below and enjoy your sweet weed perfume! This natural cannabis cologne smells incredible and will surely turn heads.

variety of cannabis perfumes


Cannabis Santai Perfume

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Create a sweet smelling Cannabis Santai Perfume in minutes. Grab your vials of Rose Hip Essential Oil and Y'lang Y'lang. Add these to CBD coconut oil to create a cannabis beauty product that smells amazing and leaves your skin looking great!
Keyword cbd beauty, cbd skincare
Prep Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Servings 10 ml
Author Sarah Pettigrew


  • 10ml Glass Roll On Bottle
  • Measuring Cup With Spout
  • Teaspoon


  • 1 tbsp CBD Coconut Oil
  • 2 tsps CBD Coconut Oil Be sure to add both measurements of CBD Coconut Oil for correct proportions.
  • 20 drops Rose Hip Essential Oil
  • 15 drops Y'lang Y'lang Essential Oil


  • Add all drops of Essential Oils into your glass perfume roller.
  • Add in 1 tblsp + 2 tsps of CBD Coconut Oil
  • Close perfume roller and shake well.
  • Roll on and enjoy your Cannabis Santai Perfume!

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