How to Get your Weight Workout in at Home

Since going to the gym isn’t going to be an option for a little while longer, getting your weight workout in might be difficult to do at home. We’ve got some creative ideas for you, that also incorporate the use of CBD, to help you “feel the burn” when you need to get that workout in. You can also do these workouts in online meeting settings like Google Duo or Zoom with friends and family to make it more fun.

Stretch and Hydrate First

Before any workout you should always make sure you are well hydrated and stretch first. Stretching helps prevent injury or strained muscles. This is also a good time to have a dose of CBD tincture. Canna Trading Co. offers several different hemp CBD tinctures with and without plant-based terpenes to suit your individual needs.

Stretch your arms, legs, abdomen and back for 10 – 15 minutes before your actual workout. This helps with flexibility and preps your body for the weight workout.

You should also drink at least 1 full glass of water before your workout.

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Finding Things Around the House to Use

It’s likely that you have a few things in your home that you can use for weights to complete your weight workout. A gallon of paint weighs just over 11 pounds. If you have a couple of those and a broom handle, you can make dead weights. Make sure they’re secured in place so they don’t slide as you lift them.

A gallon of water weighs 8.34 pounds. Those might work well for some light weighted leg lifts. Cinder blocks can be stacked and lifted as well.

Do you have any 5-gallon buckets laying around? Fill them with eater and slide the broom handle under the bucket handles. This is about 82 pounds of weight, without the actual bucket and broom handle weight factored in.

Other things you can use around the house to complete a weight workout:

  • Bags of rice and flour
  • Mattresses
  • Bags of sand
  • Bags of potting soil
  • Bags of concrete mix
  • Railroad ties
  • Boulders

It might even be fun to have one of your children, or even a pet, lay on your back while you do pushups.

Follow your Same Rep Routine

It’s important to maintain your same workout structure. Write yourself a schedule, working a different muscle group every day. You don’t want to overwork any specific muscle group in one day. You might be sore and your muscles could feel week from being overworked.

Think about how many reps of each weight exercise you complete at the gym. Write this down and compose your custom workouts from this list.

It’s okay to work more than one muscle group in a day; you just don’t want to work the same groups every day. It also helps prevent your body from expecting the same routine all of the time.

It isn’t likely that you’ll have the same amount of weight to work with at home since you’ll be getting creative, but it’ll still be something. If you have a local source of tractor tires, those are also good for weight workouts. You’d want to reduce your reps with these and make sure that you’re wearing necessary protective and support gear. Tractor tires are substantially heavier than traditional equipment. Pushing the tires across the yard is also a great workout – especially for stress relief.

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Family Weight Workouts

Get the whole family involved. Even toddlers can participate in family weight workouts; you just need to find something for them that they can hold easily. Toddlers can “lift” with bags of frozen vegetables, plus it’s something cold that might keep them interested.

Put on some music and stand in front of the rest of the family. Show them what to do, then have them do it. Try to throw in a little cardio and step exercise with the light weights too. It makes it fun.

If you guys have some rhythm, go ahead and dance while lifting light items over your heads. You can also add a little weight to your feet by stuffing items into your socks if you don’t have ankle weights available.

The more fun it is, the more your family will want to participate. Even after the shelter-in-place orders are lifted, you can still have a fun family workout a couple of times a week.

CBD After your Workouts

After your workout, you might feel a little sore. It’s typical – especially if you haven’t been able to get to the gym in a couple of weeks. Canna Trading Co. offers Relief Muscle & Joint Cream for those sore spots. It’s not greasy and goes on cool. We only use natural ingredients in our products. As with any topical cream, wash your hands after application.

We also offer Inflammation Tincture and other hemp CBD tinctures, flavored and non-flavored. These can be taken by themselves or can be added to food. You can also make your own topicals with our tinctures.

If you just need something quick and portable, we do offer our Inflammation terpene blend in both CBD vape cartridge and disposable CBD vape pens. Vape pens are easy to use and are one of several fast delivery methods.

Taking your dose of CBD before a workout is fine; you can always take more after and/or use a topical as well. Each individual body has different needs. You might need CBD before and after a workout while someone else’s body might just require one or the other. It’s important to know your body and its ideal dose. For help in determining your ideal dose of CBD, please view our guide Determining your Ideal Dose of CBD.

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Closing Thoughts

We hope that this guide helps you get creative while you’re stuck at home. You can still get a decent weight workout in. We’ve also helped you know how to prepare as well as how to incorporate CBD into your regimen. Try to make exercising and working out fun for the whole family. When the whole family participates, it helps keep everyone motivated and thinking positive.

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