How Much Pure CBD Oil Do I Need?

Some people, myself included, are the kind of people who need to get specific information. I fully realize that life is full of uncertainty, and to help cope, I usually like full control over the things that I can control, you know? Unfortunately, when I set out to answer this question, I didn’t exactly get the answer I was hoping for. 

How much CBD does a person actually need? Sounds simple, right? Okay Mr. Science-Pants, get in the lab and report back to me with a specific dosage, right? Not so, I’m afraid. It turns out, everybody is different, and so, needs a different amount. It’s really all dependent on how big or small you are, and on how mild or severe your pain management needs are. That being said, we can at least look at some specific criteria and look at what some experts recommend, but nobody will ever know your body quite like YOU will be able to know your body. 

Take a look at our handy chart to help you narrow in on what is the best amount of pure cbd oil for yourself.

Pure CBD Oil Dosage Chart


It’s extremely important to find a reputable brand when you’re looking for proper medicine. This is especially true for pure CBD oil, given that there are no regulations in place for the sale of this medicine. There are a lot of snake-oil salesmen out there looking to make a buck and selling crappy CBD products that don’t work. Pure Hemp guarantees quality in each and everyone of their products, and they offer a wide range of options in their product line. The Oils they have range from 500-1500 mg of CBD

The best advice I ever got when starting a CBD regimen was to start slow and ramp it up as needed. There’s not a lethal dose, so it’s not like you can take too much CBD or anything, but it ain’t that cheap. The stronger stuff always cost more obviously, so I say start off with a smaller amount and see if it’s enough. If it isn’t, keep adding bit by bit to your daily intake until your symptoms are taken care of.

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