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Since the first video game was created, the number of game lovers has continued to increase continually. Some people play games to relax and escape a little bit from daily life, while for others, games is a popular hobby or even their career. But what do all those players have in common? Nowadays, gaming is becoming a way of lifestyle for many individuals, and they all spend a lot of time in front of their PCs, Xboxes, and Play Stations.

However, leading a too sedentary lifestyle and looking at the computer screens for hours can put you at risk and might have a detrimental effect on your physical wellbeing. Incorporating healthy habits not only help to stay fit healthy but also provides benefits in-game, boosts reaction time, and improves mental focus. So, without any father delay, let’s highlight five ways to keep up your health while gaming.

Protect Your Vision

As playing games requires staring at a screen at all times, gamers are at much greater risk. It’s easy to take your vision for granted and neglect eye health. Staring at a TV or computer screen for a long time cause blurred vision, dry eyes, and headaches, which at a time might result in severe problems with your vision.

Luckily, there are a few things to keep your vision safe that take nearly no time at all. Follow the 20-20-20 rule, which includes looking away from the screen every twenty minutes and stare at an object at least twenty feet (six metres) away for twenty seconds.

You can simply set timers on your phone or use different apps and web-based tools to remind you when it’s time to take care of your vision. Protect Your Vision a popular option suitable for both Chrome and Safari browsers. This extension notifies you in multiple ways to cut you off from gaming when you need to take a rest based on 20-20-20 rule.

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Maintain Proper Posture

Sitting all day and slouching at your desk or on the couch is a one-way ticket to lower-back problems, heart disease, and even colon cancer. The key to good posture is keeping the three natural curves of your spine at your neck, mid-back, and low back. Be sure to sit up straight and maintain head above your shoulders with your back against your chair.

In fact, you don’t need to purchase an expensive gamer chair to maintain correct posture. You can use ordinary computer chair, but make sure to sit with back all the way in the seat, your feet flat and your knees should stand even and point straight ahead. A good idea to take a pillow or rolled-up towel and place it behind your lower back for additional support.

Take Breaks & Exercise

When you delve fully into a game, you can even forget about what is going on around you. As mentioned above,  sitting for a long time is having a negative effect on your health, and you need to set small boundaries to get the blood running. Today, games give you plenty of time to take a small break, stand up and move a bit during a load of screens in each game, waiting for queues, where you expect other players to join in a multi-player game. Also, waiting for the respawn gives you some free time so put that essential time to good use.

During your quick breaks, consider stretch out everything that feels sore, including your fingers, wrist, neck, and back. Tension and strain on your body, work in the same way as intense physical activity, and stretching can help to alleviate that strain. You can also take a short walk outside, make a few push-ups to help avoid an extremely sedentary lifestyle and sustain a decent form.

Drink Water & Opt For The “Right” Snacks

If you ever have found yourself spending hours behind a screen and drinking only a couple of glasses of water, that’s mean you aren’t even close to the daily norm. Therefore make sure to have a bottle of water right next to you and drink some water every half an hour. Constant intake of fresh water can help to reduce the chances of headaches and prevent dehydration.  Shakes made with protein powder can be an alternative method to sustain your energy without adding unhealthy, processed components or ingesting a high number of calories.

What’s more, gaming is typically associated with junk food, sugar-rich drinks, and unhealthy snacks like chips, cookies, and candy. If you are also consuming unhealthy snacks while having no physical activity, you are more likely to be subjected to some of the health risks caused by too much time spent in a sat down position. To avoid this, try to replace popcorn and cookies with natural snacks rich in nutritious such as fresh fruits and veggies, frozen grapes, pita bread, hummus, or various types of nuts like almonds, pistachios, and walnuts.

Get Quality Sleep

Lack of sleep may have a serious impact both on the mental and physical health on the brain and body. Hallucinations, drop in the body temperature, increased blood pressure, and even hormonal changes and seizures are possible symptoms of long-term sleep deprivation.

Make sure to have a full night’s sleep every day to take care of your body and also be able to play longer. If you are planning on taking a marathon and playing for more than a full day, don’t ignore the importance of a quick nap. Sleep at least a couple of hours in the middle of the game to help keep your brain sharp and make better decisions. However, falling asleep right after laying on the bed might prove difficult due to constant eye exposure to the screen, even if you are super tired. Try to stop playing at least one hour before bedtime to allow your body to relax and your eyes to rest.

Additionally, many people that face various sleep disruptions prefer to use CBD oil before bed to improve sleep quality and enjoy a good night’s sleep. By interacting with special receptors of the endocannabinoid system, CBD is able to calm your mind by reducing anxiety, stress, and pain, which are the main triggers of troubles falling asleep. Sublingual intake of CBD oil ensures one of the fastest effects, so be sure to use CBD products before going to bed or keeping CBD tincture on your nightstand if you can’t fall asleep faster.

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