Finest Glass Bongs

It’s not a surprise that bongs and pipes are amongst the most popular methods to take in marijuana today. Individuals have actually utilized bongs for countless years due to the fact that they are amongst the most trustworthy cigarette smoking gadgets offered. At we’re huge fans of pipes. If you’re searching for our handle the very best glass bongs, then fret no more, here is our list:

How Does a Bong Work?

A bong is among the optimum methods to take in marijuana whether you’re brand-new to it or a skilled customer. Bongs and conventional pipelines vary in one vital method: bongs offer water purification. Both gadgets hold the dry herb in a bowl, however that is where the resemblances end. From there, the bong ends up being more intricate, with a number of working parts. The bowl itself is normally detachable, and the downstem produces a course in between the user and the bong’s base.

The smoke travels this channel after percolating in the water in the base, and exits the bong through the mouth piece and/or carbohydrate hole, depending upon the user. It is the water purification system that actually sets the bong experience apart. The water filters and cools off the smoke so it is simpler on the throat and lungs. This indicates you get an unrivaled level of convenience that allows a more powerful experience in general.

Modern bongs have actually developed to include percolators and other cutting edge innovation. These sort of bongs are developed particularly to avoid those lung-searing breathes in that nobody desires. Have a look at the wide range of bongs for sale in our online head store. This variety uses every cigarette smoker precisely the ideal bong. There is something we enjoy about every one of these premium, budget-friendly glass bongs and pipes.

Why Utilize a Bong?

We have actually all existed: you take a good, deep hit from your hand pipeline or joint, just to feel your throat burning. Hot smoke versus the fragile mucosal membrane on the back of your throat does that, due to the fact that the smoke does not have time to cool off prior to going right from the bowl, which is actually burning hot. Bongs and pipes filter smoke through water prior to the user inhales it back up through the neck. By doing this, it cools off, unlike the direct, unfiltered hit from a dry pipeline. This contact with water drops the temperature level of the smoke by 40 to 50 degrees immediately. Some bongs utilize percolators or diffused downstems to more force or diffuse the smoke through the water. The percolator holes break the single, big stream of smoke up into various little bubbles. This cools the smoke much more thanks to more exposure to the water.

What Are the Main Components of a Bong?


Grind the dry herb for an excellent, even burn and put it in the bowl. Depending upon the bong or pipes you utilize, you may desire or require to update or change your bowl, particularly for glass bowls. Joint. The connection in between the downstem and a dab nail, glass bowl, or bong. When you see joint gender or joint size on a dab rig, bong, or glass accessory, focus. That’s letting you understand whether the item can produce an airtight connection with your existing devices. There are both male and female ranges of popular joint sizes, consisting of 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm. Ensure what you’re purchasing works. Keep in mind, you must have the ability to place the bowl into the downstem joint, and the downstem into the bong joint.


This long, glass tube directs smoke into the water chamber of the bong from the bowl. Downstems can be detachable or repaired, and many diffuse the smoke in some style. Keep in mind, there are compatibility problems with downstems. Know how to determine your effectively in case you ever require to change it.

Water Chamber

This is just where your bong holds its water.


This is the part of the bong where the cooled smoke journeys to the mouth piece.

Ice Catcher

Some high-end bongs include ice catchers, glass divots that are both lovely and practical. By putting ice into the catcher, you cool off your smoke much more for an amazingly smooth hit.

Mouth Piece

You breathe in from the mouth piece, and preferably you desire an airtight seal. This is why choice is so essential, and we provide a variety of various shapes and designs for each face.

What Are the Kinds of Bongs?

Whether you’re a tekkie who desires the most recent in recyclers or modular bongs or an old-school stoner who enjoys the timeless beaker bongs, we have actually got all the information right here. There is a factor each of these classifications is still practically near the top of the list when it concerns bongs for sale, and we have some suggestions for each of these.

Timeless Beaker Bongs

Careful noobs and OGs alike enjoy beaker bongs. The are amongst the most popular bong design worldwide, and here’s why. They are more steady, thanks to a large base that does not overturn quickly. They likewise hold more water thanks to that broad base, that makes for enhanced percolation and the smoother, more delicious hits you anticipate.

Finest Beaker-style Bong: Grav Labs Big Beaker Pipes 16″

Grav Labs Large 16

We enjoy this beautiful glass bong. Produced in borosilicate glass with accents by Grav Labs, this is a genuine masterpiece in the center of the table.


  • Joint: 14mm Female
  • Height: 16″
  • Usage with flower

This big beaker design glass bong includes a 16-inch long body, consisting of a large, flared base. Load a generous quantity of flower into the consisted of 14mm funnel bowl. You’ll enjoy viewing those huge hits gather in there and gradually climb that long chamber.

However no matter how substantial that hit gets, it stays cool and smooth, never ever fear, those hits will remain smooth, due to the fact that the high, steady body of the bong consists of a showerhead cut downstem. Smoke diffuses through the water thanks to fission downstem purification prior to it ever reaches you.

The geometric pushed pinch flare base of this bong works as a double ice catcher and splash guard. Simply include around 2.5″ of water, and delight in. This is among our preferred pieces, and no surprise. In spite of many functions, it’s simple to utilize and preserve, right to cleansing, with a quickly detachable downstem.

A Traditional, Effective Beaker: Marley Natural Smoked Glass Pipes

Marley Natural Smoked Glass Water Pipe

Seattle-based Marley Naturals has actually made its market credibility for thoroughly crafting cigarette smoking devices. And while the brand name is likewise understood for modern efficiency, their flagship item is the Marley Natural Smoked Glass Pipes, a genuine personification and event of the old-school glass bong.

Marley’s smoked glass bong is crafted from thick, smoked borosilicate glass, and likewise boasts a thick, supported base which considerably enhances the bong’s total strength and balance. We enjoy the old-fashioned bong in the beaker-style, due to the fact that it’s a lot more steady and deals with a higher volume of water for cooler, smoother hits.

However we likewise enjoy the truth that this style indicates say goodbye to splashback, indicating your opportunities of mistakenly downing a bit slug of nasty bong water much lower given that the majority of it remains safely at the beaker’s bottom.

Much better still? The taste. This glass bong from Marley Naturals includes an exclusive ice disc that holds ice in location as you utilize the gadget, permitting you to accomplish much better, cooler smoke and enhance the taste. And the eight-slit percolator system provides severe extra cooling and smoke purification for a cigarette smoking experience that is unequaled.


  • Beaker-style base
  • Thick, worked, smoked borosilicate glass

Straight Tube Bongs

Although they are not actually rather as popular as beaker bongs, straight tubes are still actually typical– particularly in the films and on tv, for some factor. Beyond that, however, straight tubes are simple to utilize and reliable, and they work essentially the very same method. (However take care not to tip them over.)

Finest Straight Tube Bong: Roor 14″ Straight Pipeline

Roor Beaker Pipe

If a straight tube bong is more your design, the 14 ″ RooR Classic Straight Tube Bong is genuinely challenging to beat. Crafted from superior German Schott Duran Pyrex 50mm x 5mm tubing, this is the kind of sturdy borosilicate glass your granny cooks with, and it lasts permanently. This glass bong likewise includes a signed up RooR label and a timeless straight shot style, trustworthy and developed to last.


  • Easy straight shot style
  • 3 ice pinch
  • 14mm funnel slide consisted of
  • 14/18mm detachable open-end downstem
  • Length of downstem from end to top of ground joint: 4.5 inches
  • Overall system height: 14 inches
  • Size of flared base: 5.5 inches
  • Size of tube: 50mm
  • 5mm thick, superior borosilicate glass

However even if it’s strong and standard does not imply this glass bong does not carry out. The resilient Roor Straight Pipeline 14″ straight tube bong provides smooth, cool diffusion thanks to a detachable 14/18mm open-end downstem. This makes the pipeline work like a timeless water bong, providing a lot of cooling and diffusion with simply a low level of water in the chamber. And if you like to cool your smoke much more, the straight neck includes an ice pinch.
Martin Birzle, a German glass artist, assisted stem this easy yet extremely practical style for RooR. This partnership and the bong itself is a fantastic example of what makes– and keeps– RooR’s credibility as a glass market producer. Each of their pieces functions incredible performance, a timeless style, and high-end workmanship, and this one is no exception.

Perc Bongs

Perc bongs, brief for percolator bongs, utilize percolators inside the gadget to separate the smoke into small bubbles. This cools, filters, and diffuses the smoke much more, enabling smoother, simpler, more effective rips.

Finest Glass Bong with Perc: Medicali 10″ 8 Tree Perc Beaker

Medicali 10

Severe diffusion fans, the compact yet timeless looking Medicali 10 Inch 8 Tree Perc Beaker is your glass bong. Standing 10 inches high, the Medicali 8-Arm Tree Perc Beaker includes 2 advanced purification levels and is the perfect glass bong for any marijuana fan, whether skilled or brand-new to the scene.


  • 8 tree percolators
  • 14mm hourglass bowl
  • 14mm, 3.5-inch size showerhead downstem
  • Ice catcher
  • Fire refined joints
  • Made in California, U.S.A.
  • Height: 10 inches

2 levels of purification guarantee every hit is smooth as silk. Initially, the diffused downstem pulls the smoke up and through, and into the other chamber, where the tree perc lives. There that bubbling action fills the smoke and cools it more, and an ice pitch belongs to this area to chill your hit even further.
With lovely high quality pieces that are both hand-blown and crafted from clinical glass, Medicali never ever dissatisfies. This specific glass bong uses a smaller sized profile yet lots of incredible purification– the very best of all worlds.

Themed Bongs and E-Bongs

If type is simply as essential as function in your book, you remain in luck. Themed glass art and modern-day innovation both discover houses in the bong market. Here are a few of our favorites.

Coyote Glasspiece

AMG Pink Rasta Leaves

Aurora Glasspiece

Silicone Bongs

Finally, there are silicone bongs, If you enjoy the timeless straight acrylic bong however you require something stronger– or you simply desire something actually cool taking a look at a reasonably budget plan cost– silicone bongs might be your brand-new go-to. Portable and solid, silicone bongs open the alternatives.

Customize Your Bong With Add-on

Among the factors many skilled marijuana users enjoy bongs is that you can personalize them to satisfy your own requirements and produce your own experience. Whatever your cigarette smoking choices are, there’s a line of bong devices out there that can customize or update your bong so it’s perfect for you. A brand-new bowl enables you delight in longer sessions– or offsets a reckless minute. An ash catcher makes the cleansing procedure a lot easier, keeping particles out of the base water chamber. And speaking of cleansing, that entire part of your way of life is lot of times easier with premium cleansing products. Keeping your bong in leading condition ought to be a concern anyhow, since that keeps you healthy and your most current sessions as yummy as your very first.

What Type Of Bong is Right For You?

Even our hunter-gatherer loved ones utilized pipes, however the modern-day variety offered are developed utilizing products and strategies they never ever might have envisioned. There are many alternatives out there when it concerns picking a brand-new bong. That indicates it’s a great deal of enjoyable! However it’s likewise difficult– nobody wishes to squander their cash. Today’s bongs are far more innovative, on the whole, although you can go easier if that’s your design. In basic, more chambers and percs in a bong indicates more purification, and, in turn, cooler smoke and a less severe, more enjoyable hit. If you enjoy a creamy, cold smoke, an ice catcher can cool your smoke down much more, providing those hits.

If you’re still questioning what kind of bong is finest for you, think of the functions that alter from piece to piece:

  • Forming of the pipes
  • Repaired downstem/removable downstem
  • Perc yes or no
  • Ice catch yes or no
  • Splash guards, yes or no
  • Water line markers, yes or no
  • Compatibility with existing parts or pieces

Generally, bong joint sizes are 10mm, 14mm, or 19mm. This indicates if you’re purchasing parts or devices such as ash-catchers or bowls you require to understand what size your bong is. You likewise require to understand what type of angle your downstem joint has. Although numerous inline perc pieces and straight tubes have a 90º joint angle, many beakers have 45º fittings. The benefit of glass bongs, besides being simpler to clean up, is that there is absolutely nothing that adversely affects the taste of your smoke. And when you keep this type of bong tidy, it lasts practically permanently. Borosilicate glass bongs are difficult, similar to your mommy’s cooking meals.

Aspects to Think About When You Purchase a Bong Online

Dry herbs or focuses? If you just smoke dry herb, a timeless beaker or straight tube bong will never ever fail you. Many bongs come basic with the glass bowl accessory you’ll require to hold the flower as you light it up. If focuses are your thing and you believe your bong may be utilized for dabbing, you’ll likewise require a dab nail in location of the bowl. Attempt a dab rig or quartz banger if you actually enjoy luxury focuses and wish to maintain their terpene and taste profiles. Portable or in your home? If you actually just require your bong in your home, a complex, art glass rig is great for you.

Bongs Frequently Asked Question

Just How Much Do Bongs Cost Online?

Costs for bongs vary from about $30 to hundreds. Silicone bongs tend to be budget-friendly, in between $30 and $70, with rates for glass bongs as follows: little bongs– $40 to $100, big bongs– $100 and up.

Can You Purchase Bongs?

With federal law continuously altering, this is a fantastic concern. Nevertheless, bongs are not simply for marijuana— although they are for grownups just. So long as you are at least 18 years of ages, you remain in the clear to buy any of our bongs and other items online. Our online headshop uses dab rigs, bongs, vapes, glass pipelines, and devices meant for aromatherapy blends, medical usage, tobacco, and legal focuses just.

Are pipes bongs?

The pipes is a kind of pipeline that consists of some type of water purification. This classification of pipeline does consist of bubblers and bongs.

How are bongs produced?

Glass bongs start in liquid type, at a temperature level of as much as 1163 ° C. The craftsperson forms the molten glass into a bubble with a hollowed steel blowpipe or rod by blowing to produce a round shape.

How Do I Dab With My Bong?

To utilize bong for dabbing, you require a quartz banger or other dab nail for your bong. This is due to the fact that focuses require a truly hot surface area prior to they will become vapor. Keep in mind, you’ll require to make certain it works.

We enjoy the Greater Standards Sturdy Rig. This rig is a fantastic size, includes a 100% quartz nail, and lasts permanently with some care.

Higher Standards Heavy Duty Dab Rig Kit

Trying to find a dab rig? Take a peek at our short article everything about dab rigs.

Are Silicone Bongs Safe?

Yes! All of our silicone bongs are made with one hundred percent Medical Grade Silicone.

Bongs are among the earliest and most popular methods tobacco lover’s combust tobacco. Bongs have actually been utilized by us for a lot longer than the 1970’s when they began rebounding, however have actually been understood to be utilized given that ancient times.

The fantastic aspect of a bong is that it’s portable, simple to deal with and is an effective method to take in tobacco. The primary advantage of a bong is that normally hot smoke is cooled through the water prior to being breathed in and for that reason offers a cooler smoother smoke.

Last Ideas

Glass bongs are most likely the most popular bongs on the marketplace as they can be found in all various shapes, design and colors. They are popular due to the fact that they are simpler to clean up, glass is hygienic compared to other products and if thick sufficient and mindful enough they will last for a very long time.

Among the constraints of glass bongs is that they do split and you can’t pay for that. So it’s constantly a good idea to keep your bong safe from being overturned or far from your pet dog’s wagging their tails. Lots of people have actually been given their knees when discovering that their bong is split. Thankfully bongs are not simply made from glass, however numerous other products. If you are vulnerable to being awkward, it may be a good idea to think of buying a silicone bong.

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