FAB CBD is a CBD company that touts itself as premium CBD oil that you can trust. They make all their CBD oil from organically-grown and lab-tested hemp. All of the hemp is grown in the cannabis-friendly state of Colorado. Their oil goes through a rigorous inspection before it is bottled and sent to customers. They at FAB CBD offer many products such as tinctures, gummies, vapes, topicals, and even pet treats. FAB CBD products are non-GMO, made from vegan sources, and contain botanical terpenes as well. Also, the growers at FAB CBD do not use any pesticides when farming their hemp.


Premium FAB CBD products are all sourced from some of the finest hemps around. That means hemp that is grown in the cannabis-friendly state of Colorado and farmed using no pesticides at all. Their hemp is non-GMO, and all of the oils contain a vegan-friendly blend of ingredients. Their oils are lab tested before being sent out to customers. This is to ensure the utmost quality.

At FAB CBD, they sell oils, chews, topical cream, dog treats, vape pens, and even green superfoods infused with hemp. Their oils are available in many different strengths and flavors too. Some of the most popular characters are their citrus and mint flavors. But they also offer a delicious berry flavor, vanilla flavor, as well as a unflavored CBD oil.

You can also buy more and save, as they offer packs of CBD topical creams, vapes, superfoods, and oils in three-packs on which you can save 15%. FAB CBD offers free USA shipping on all orders of it $89 or more. So you can enjoy a hassle-free and convenient way to acquire your CBD oil. You can get FAB CBD for sale online in no time at all!

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FAB CBD Highlights

The highlights of FAB CBD are that their hemp plants are non-GMO and also vegan. Besides being non-GMO and vegan, they are also pesticide-free, so you can rest assured that your oil is of high quality and purity. To verify the purity of their oils, they have made sure to lab test all of their oils before bottling them up and shipping them off to customers.

FAB CBD also offers many different flavors for those who may not like the taste of hemp oil in the raw. They currently provide a citrus variety, mint, berry, and vanilla. So this is an excellent thing for those who prefer a flavor changeup as well. If you are not one to go for sublingual oils, they also offer topical creams and CBD chews, so you’re not entirely left in the dark if you are not a fan of oils.

Another great thing about FAB CBD is that they offer superfoods. These are plant-based and flavored, offering lots of vital nutrients. So not only do they offer oils and other CBD products like vape pens, but also a unique nutrition-based product that incorporates the power of the hemp plant.

One last highlight about FAB CBD is the ability to save. They offer quite a few promotional discounts as well as ‘buy more and save’ deals. They offer three packs of oils, superfoods, vape pens, as well as gummies that are available at a 15% discount when bought in bulk.


FAB CBD offers a few strengths of CBD oil. They start at 300 mg at the very least. The next step up is the 600 mg bottle. And at last, they have the highest strength of 1200 mg.

With five flavors to choose from and three different strengths, you’ll never run out of a variety of oils to try and see which works best for you.

Each bottle of CBD from FAB CBD contains the following amounts of CBD.

300mg Oil Drops – 5mg of CBD per 0.5ml

600mg Oil Drops – 10mg of CBD per 0.5ml

1200mg Oil Drops – 20mg of CBD per 0.5ml

FAB CBD oils all come in dropper type bottles with a rubber end. You can squeeze the oil into the dropper and place it under your tongue. For the best results, you are to try to avoid letting the dropper touch your mouth so that you won’t contaminate the extract. Each bottle contains 31ml servings of CBD oil, so you should start low and increase as necessary.

The bottles are best stored in a cool and dry place away from any heat and light that can destroy the vital compounds within the oil. If you do not like the taste of CBD oil or find it a hassle to put under your tongue, you can also try putting it in food or mixing it with drinks or smoothies.

Before you buy FAB CBD, it’s, of course, best to check with your doctor before adding any CBD to your wellness regimen. Some people may need less, while some people may need more CBD depending on body type and body chemistry. There isn’t any surefire amount for every person, and the amount may need some adjusting in each situation.

Official Site: FAB CBD


How Many “Ounces” Is FAB CBD Oil Bottle?

The bottle of FAB CBD contains one fluid ounce or 30ml of CBD oil. The amount of CBD within each 1-ounce bottle varies depending on which strength you select, but either way, all bottles are one fluid ounce with varying amounts of CBD inside.

It is essential to know this because one dropper full of oil may be different from another bottle of oil if the strengths are different.

How Is FAB CBD Extracted?

They at FAB CBD use the CO2 extraction method for extracting all of the CBD from the hemp. This method is solvent-free and is much more gentle and safer than other ways of extraction that are commonly employed. They work with the manufacturers to make sure that they get the most efficient and high-quality product – from their hemp seeds to the final product you find in your mailbox.

Where Is FAB CBD Oil Made?

FAB CBD products are made in the USA using all organically grown hemp from Colorado. They use the most efficient and safe forms of manufacturing from their extraction method to their lab testing. They employ a few different manufacturers to ensure the quality of each product, however.

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