Easy Cannabis Hard Candy Recipe

When sugar is melted via heat the tendency is for the sucrose molecules to bind together in a crystalline form. Though this may sound like a good thing for making hard candy it is not – These crystals swiftly lead to a grainy, gritty texture not unlike the raw sugar crystals your sugar syrup started with. When making candy, the prevention of these crystals is one of the key elements for success (and also the focus for our next tip below).

To prevent sucrose molecules from binding, another form of sugar is typically introduced. Enter: Corn syrup. This starchy glucose-based sweetener has molecules that are smaller than the sucrose molecules found in granulated sugar, and their introduction to the mix helps prevent the sucrose molecules from binding together just by getting in their way.

It doesn’t take much corn syrup to work as an effective crystallization preventative; our recipe below calls for 2/3rd of a cup but some recipes only call for as little as a tablespoon. Ultimately a little more corn syrup won’t hurt the recipe, so we recommend going with a larger amount just to make sure everything stays nice and crystalized.

Also: Though we specifically focus on corn syrup here invert sugar, honey, or even pure glucose will typically work as substitutes – We recommend corn syrup in particular due to it’s ease of use and availability. Though we invite you to play around with different types and amounts of ingredients, for our basic recipe and for your first time, sticking to corn syrup will likely yield the best marijuana candy results.

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