Customers do not understand THC and CBD levels in marijuana items


THC destilate oil is shown at PharmaCann Polska’s EU-GMP licensed subsidiary, referred to as NYSK, in North Macedonia. – Picture courtesy PharmaCann

A brand-new research study reveals customers are not able to determine cannabinoid levels in items they utilize.

Even more, 20-50 percent do not understand the THC: CBD ratio of the items they typically utilize.

This absence of customer awareness might have ramifications for the security and effectiveness of healing usage and tosses into concern the dependence on self-reported marijuana effectiveness in clinical research studies.

The research study, performed at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, intended to assess customer understanding of THC and CBD levels of typical marijuana items, consisting of organic marijuana, edibles, vaporizers and topicals.

Information was gathered online over a two-month duration in 2018 from customers in 3 jurisdictions: in Canada, prior to the legalization of leisure marijuana; in US states in which leisure marijuana was restricted; and in US states that had actually legislated nonmedical marijuana.

Of those reporting usage of dried marijuana, just 10 percent had the ability to report the THC level of items they normally taken in.

In all 3 jurisdictions, less than one-third of customers had the ability to determine THC and CBD levels in their items.

While the research study did not validate the precision of this self-reported information, lots of customers stated their items included implausible quantities of THC (higher than 30 percent) or CBD (higher than 20 percent)– levels seldom seen in the market.

Confusion about systems of measurement was likewise common, with customers of dried marijuana reporting THC levels in milligrams (rather of grams) and users of edibles recognizing cannabinoid levels in portions (rather of milligrams). While users in US states where marijuana is legal were much better able to report THC and CBD levels, still less than 20 percent of those utilizing dried herb might determine THC levels.

These findings follow other research studies of self-reported THC levels that associated just decently with laboratory-tested levels.

Offered the growth of marijuana items in both leisure and medical markets– consisting of high-CBD items and those with moderate and well balanced THC: CBD ratios– there seems a requirement for more customer education, particularly about THC and CBD effectiveness.

More-frequent users were much better able to report both THC: CBD ratios and levels, recommending customer awareness might enhance as the market grows.

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