The Crafty+ and Mighty At a Glance

  Crafty+ Mighty
Price $279 $349
Height 4.3 inches 5.5 inches
Oven Size 0.3 grams 0.3 grams
Temperature Range 104°F to 410°F 104°F to 410°F
Precise Temperature Control Via Smartphone app On the device
Battery Life 60 to 80 minutes 120 minutes
Charge Time Two hours Ninety minutes
Charging Method USB charging cable Wall outlet adapter

Crafty vs Mighty Snapshot

So how are the Crafty+ similar to each other now? And how are they still different? We’ll take a closer look, but here’s a quick summary.


  • The Mighty is the larger of the two devices
  • The Mighty features on-board controls and cannot use the smartphone app
  • The Crafty+ needs the smartphone app for precise temperature selection
  • The Mighty uses a wall adapter for charging
  • The Crafty uses a USB port for charging
  • The Mighty has a longer lasting battery than the Crafty+


  • They have the same oven capacity of about 0.25 grams
  • They both have the signature cooling unit with the swiveling mouthpiece
  • They can use the same set of accessories
  • Cleaning and maintenance are the same for both
  • Both feature a boost mode that gradually increases the temperature by 10°F

Differences Between The Crafty+ and Mighty


This is the most immediately obvious difference as the Mighty is a little over an inch taller than the Crafty+ and wider as well. Naturally that makes the Crafty+ the more portable friendly option since it’s small enough to comfortably fit in most pockets. The Mighty can fit into a purse or a backpack, but a pocket is probably a no-go. So you can take it with you if you have the means, but it is better suited for home use, especially when you consider the charging method. Speaking of which…

Battery and Charging

The Mighty uses a wall adapter to charge up its battery which is capable of lasting for up to two and a half hours. A recharge takes about ninety minutes, which means that the battery duration is longer than the recharge time, which is always good. The Crafty+ can last for about ninety minutes, which is a big improvement over the original Crafty. Recharging the battery takes ninety minutes and is done via a USB cable.


The Mighty has controls and a digital display right on the device that allows you to select the precise temperature from a range of 104°F to 410°F. The Crafty+ has two basic temperature settings that you can access from the device, 356°F and 383°F. However, while a session is active, you can access a boost mode that increases the temperature by 10°F to 15°F.

There is also a super-boost mode that increases the temperature to its maximum of 410°F. If you want precise temperature control, then you will need to use the smartphone app since that’s the only way to access that feature. If you do use the app, then the full temperature range is 104°F to 410°F, just like the Mighty.


The Crafty+ now looks more distinct from the Mighty because it now has upward slanting cooling fins as opposed to the horizontal fins seen in the original Crafty and still seen on the Mighty. It might seem like a small change, but they give the Crafty+ a sleeker, more streamlined look. Aside from that change, the other design differences are purely cosmetic; there is now a logo on the top of the cooling unit as opposed to the word Crafty, and the word Crafty+ is emblazoned at the bottom of the unit.

Incidentally, all the accessories that worked with the previous Crafty, like the dosing capsules and filling aid, still work with the Crafty+. Since it didn’t get a redesign, the Mighty is still large and in charge and it still has those signature horizontal cooling fins. It also still has that curved base that makes standing it upright trickier than it should be. Plus there are the analog temperature controls and digital display, of course.


This is the other big difference between the two as the Crafty+ is the less expensive of the two at $279, while the Mighty costs $349.

Similarities Between The Crafty+ And The Mighty

Cleaning and Maintenance

The Crafty+ and Mighty are both very easy to clean, low-maintenance vaporizers. Their ovens can be easily cleaned using cleaning wipes or a cleaning brush, but you only need to do so about every twenty to forty uses. That number goes down to zero if you elect to use the dosing capsules instead of putting your herb directly into the oven.

The mouthpiece—also called the cooling unit—requires even less maintenance. It is easy to clean, but if you want, you can just get a new cleaning unit every few months in lieu of cleaning the current one. So, all told, the maintenance of the Crafty+ and Mighty is minimal to non-existent.

Wax Compatibility

The Crafty+ and the Mighty are both compatible with wax concentrates. However, it is not recommended that you use them—or any wax compatible dry herb vaporizer—with concentrates. They don’t get hot enough to fully vaporize the wax, plus they make the oven really messy and hard to clean. So, if you want to use concentrates, stick to a vape pen instead.

Build Quality

The Crafty+ and Mighty are made from a tough, medical-grade plastic called PEEK (polyether ether ketone). It is used in various applications in the medical, automotive, and aerospace industries. All of those industries need materials that are durable and can withstand a lot of stress. So, you can be certain that they can take whatever abuse you can throw at them. Not that you should of course, but you can be safe in the knowledge that it won’t be the end of the world if you drop either of them on the ground.

Heating Method

Both vaporizers use a hybrid convection/conduction heating method. This creates a richer flavor than either method would by itself. The Mighty heats up in about 45 seconds while the Crafty+ takes about a minute.

Oven Size and Material

The oven of both vaporizers is made from ceramic, just the same as most dry herb vaporizers. That is because it is a neutral material that has good heat retention. Despite the Mighty being the larger of the two vaporizers, it has the same oven capacity as the Crafty+, which is about 0.25 grams.

Longevity and Reliability

The Mighty and the original Crafty are both tough, long-lasting devices that have stood the test of time. Their plastic bodies may not be as flashy as the shiny metal shells you see in some of the premium dry herb vaporizers, but they give them superior durability. Since the Crafty+ is made from the same material, it is likely that it will end up being as long-lasting as they are.

Warranty – Two years for both the Crafty+ and the Mighty.

Battery and Charging

Crafty+ – The Crafty+ lasts for about ninety minutes, which is good for about six to seven bowls. That is an improvement over the original Crafty, which had a notoriously short battery life. It also had a notoriously long charge time of nearly two and a half hours. The Crafty+ cuts that down to about ninety minutes, so it is a far more convenient device than its predecessor.

Mighty – The battery of the Mighty can last for about two and a half hours, a full hour longer than most dry herb vaporizers including the Crafty+. It also recharges quickly too, only taking about ninety minutes. The only downside is that it requires a wall adapter rather than a USB port for a recharge. Considering that the size of the Mighty limits it to home use, that isn’t such a big deal.

Vapor Quality

Thanks to the hybrid heating technology, the vapor quality of the Crafty+ and the Mighty is excellent. The vapor is rich, dense, potent, and flavorful. In other words, it’s everything that you would want in a dry herb vaporizer. There isn’t any difference in quality between the two vaporizers, so that is unlikely to be a factor when you have to make the choice between the two of them.

So, Which One Should You Choose?

There are a few factors that can help to determine which one of these vaporizers is right for you. Price is a big one and if money is a concern for you, then the Crafty+ is the cheaper of the two. In fact, it costs $279, the same as the outgoing Crafty, which is impressive considering that it’s a pretty big upgrade. The Mighty costs $349, which is a big investment for most people, but at least you get your money’s worth from it.

Portability could be an issue for some as well, and to put it bluntly, the Crafty+ is far and away the more portable of the two. It easily slips into a pocket and the USB charging means that you have far more recharging locations available. The Mighty is too large to fit in any pocket, though it slips easily into a purse or backpack. The wall adapter also limits its recharging options, though the battery lasts long enough that recharging probably won’t be a big concern.

Control options could be another sticking point for some. The Crafty+ uses a smartphone app to control basic functions like precise temperature selection. Without it, you can choose from three preset temperatures using the device itself. There is a manual boost mode that will gradually increase the temperature as you vape, which is appreciated but it isn’t the same thing as granular temperature control. The Mighty has granular temperature control right there on the device so a smartphone app isn’t necessary. The digital display might be a little outdated but it still works just fine.

Ultimately, the Crafty+ is the better choice for most people. It is cheaper, more portable, and its vapor quality is the same as the Mighty’s. The advantages of the Mighty are that it has a longer battery life and doesn’t need a smartphone app. However, those qualities are unlikely to overcome the Crafty’s lower price and greater practicality for most people.