Celeb Supporters for Legalization (And Which Ones Smoke Weed)

Willie Nelson

Long connected with cannabis usage, Willie Nelson was apprehended in 2010 for belongings of a big quantity of weed (which … duh) and briefly made a stir with his reference of wishing to form a “ Teapot Celebration” concentrated on cannabis law reform. Though absolutely nothing much originated from the statement in the long run, Nelson’s long-running advocacy for the legalization of pot puts him securely on our list.

Miley Cyrus

Frequently connected with cannabis images and “stoner culture” iconography, Miley is more than simply a celebration woman– She’s long been a supporter for the legalization of pot, and in spite of taking an individual break from cannabis since 2020 will still freely support cannabis legalization virtually any possibility she gets.

Woody Harrelson

Another infamous weed cigarette smoker, Harrelson (and lots of other non-surprising names like Tommy Chong and the abovementioned Willie Nelson) serves on the board of advisers for NORML Though primarily a token kind of position, Harrelson is understood for his outspoken views on the restriction versus marijuana.

Morgan Freeman

Cherished star Morgan Freeman has actually been a strong supporter for cannabis legalization for rather a long time, after suffering an automobile mishap that left him with significant nerve damage in his arm. Ever since, Freeman has actually been singing in his assistance of cannabis legislation, promoting its lots of medical abilities

Melissa Ethridge

A breast cancer survivor, Melissa Ethridge was a veteran supporter for legalization steps in California, frequently promoting the enormous medical advantages of cannabis. Now acquainted with business side of the legal cannabis market, Ethridge is now dealing with opening her own marijuana farm, targeted at top quality items for ladies customers.

Jack Nicholson

Regardless of otherwise not having stated much on the subject Nicholson did come out in favor of legalization in a 2011 interview, mentioning that he still smokes marijuana on event himself prior to going over the out of proportion quantity of drug-related arrests made in the United States.

Susan Sarandon

Not one to keep away from political subjects, Susan Sarandon has actually been extremely singing about her assistance for the decriminalization and legalization of not just marijuana however other street drugs, mentioning non-violent criminal offense imprisonment rates ( frequently unjustly targeting non-white American people) as a prime factor.

Danny Devito

Devito has actually never ever been too shy about his usage of cannabis, declaring it began a life-long relationship in between himself and fellow superstar Michael Douglas, which he takes a seat with partner Rhea Perlman on event to take pleasure in a smoke. In the leadup to California’s 2016 legalization vote Devito was extremely active in supporting the procedure on social networks.

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