In 2017, CCIA, a state and federally signed up not-for-profit trade association, lost our 3rd savings account in a year. Lots of in the marijuana market have actually felt this discomfort as they rushed to pay their personnel and suppliers, as they had a hard time to run certified organizations without any access to banking. It’s an aggravating part of life for numerous CA operators. Not long after our last bank closure, I was presented to the specialists at North Bay Cooperative Credit Union and we were happily shocked at their desire to deal with us.

Now, after a long and productive relationship with NBCU, CCIA is happy to reveal an unique collaboration that will benefit our members in a really extensive method. By providing this member service, we’re wanting to make your lives much easier as you browse the challenging company of legal marijuana.

This incredible collaboration now provides our members the chance to gain access to banking services such as:

  • Inspecting accounts
  • Online costs payment
  • Wire transfers and ACH processing
  • Workers of CCIA members are likewise welcome to sign up with as private members of the cooperative credit union

Register For CCIA today and link to NBCU to begin your application procedure!

As you might have seen, all 3 regulative firms launched brand-new policies based upon AB 1525 (Jones-Sawyer) which incentivizes banks, cooperative credit union, and other banks to supply services to the marijuana market by clarifying their capability to gain access to track and trace information, however just with the express approval of marijuana licensees. CCIA was a big supporter of this costs and lobbied for its passage.

CCIA subscription has its benefits, and now access to banking is a big worth include for our members. Present CCIA members can click on this link to be gotten in touch with NBCU

* DISCLAIMER: CCIA subscription does not instantly certify your company for a savings account at NBCU. Your business will still require to complete all of the appropriate applications and follow all of the compliance determines that the bank has in location for marijuana organizations.

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