Cannabidiol or CBD has hit the mainstream market with a splash and numerous outlets are selling this compound to address everyday stressors and encourage relaxation. CBD-infused articles in today’s marketplace include lotions, candies, topicals, and ointments. And luckily, they are often available through a host of retailers. In addition to brick and mortar locations, CBD lovers are turning to online stores to find their favorite CBD-infused products. CBdistillery fits the bill with a variety of products made with quality CBD.

The CBDistillery Experience

Consumers looking for premium CBDistillery products can indulge in capsules, an array of topicals, and top-notch oils. CBdistillery offers a variety of full-spectrum and broad-spectrum items. And, many of these items include full-spectrum 30-count soft gels, disposable vape pens, and even 99% CBD formulated hemp powder.

Consumers looking for quality CBD want more than just a product. They are often seeking a company with transparent values and a code of ethics that includes customer care and satisfaction. CBDistillery meets these demands through passionate, educational campaigns to spread CBD awareness.

CBDistillery’s founders felt that CBD was out of the reach of many consumers. But, many quality CBD products require rigorous testing and stringent processes that may inflate the final costs. By ensuring practical ideas and implementing methods such as securing hemp from U.S. growers, CBDistillery provides value at affordable prices.

But what other positives make them stand out from the competition?

Official Site: CBDistillery

CBDistillery Highlights

They state that they seek to begin a “CBDmovement,” and social media strategies include consumer-friendly tags like #CBDmovement. These tags link consumers with valuable information and updates on the happenings in the industry.

CEO Chase Terwilliger brought novelty to the world of CBD by offering unique QR product codes. These codes ensured that consumers could track products back to their place of origin. Because of this, customers can trust and stay loyal to the CBDistillery strategy.

Offering verifiable testing results also gives consumers peace of mind. And for CBDistillery, this has been a successful path to substantial growth. The company has grown in leaps and bounds since its inception. Though it began with only a few employees, their company has expanded to include nation-wide sales, a team of nearly 100 employees, and a revenue of almost $20 million per year.

CBDistillery stresses “vertical integration,” a concept where companies control how, where and the methodology products are created, from start to finish. CBDistillery’s ensure their products go through a streamlined process, monitored from seed to shipment. Customers can be sure that all levels of quality can be checked and assessed and luckily, this is a far cry from many other companies that continue to cling to loosely regulated techniques and a multitude of suppliers with unverifiable track records.

CBDistillery is a certified company, by the U.S. Hemp Authority. This is a distinction that carries recognition of excellence and quality in CBD. CBDistillery adheres to the ISO 9001 standard and this set of quality management policies ensures the highest degree of production.

The company offers ample wholesale opportunities for orders over $500.

CBDistillery Products

CBDistillery strives to meet strict internal and national standards. Because of this, they offer full-spectrum CBD products with low levels of THC, up to or under .03%. Some customers feel uncomfortable with any thought of THC, the company offers THC-free formulations.

Their tinctures are available in a few CBD preparations, from THC-Free CBD in 250mg of CBD to 2500 mg of CBD. CBDistillery also offers consumers options for pets tinctures designed with the safety of the furry sidekick in mind.

CBDistillery CBD for sale also includes tasty gummy treats. CBDistillery’s hemp-derived gummies come in a few delicious flavors, like raspberry-lemon, raspberry, and lemon. Consumers can get a nostalgic hit of gluten-free gummy goodness without the hassle of harsh chemicals and preservatives.

Both CBDistillery versions CBD Gummies and CBD PM Gummies are vegan and hypoallergenic. Because of this, many consumers choose the CBD PM Gummies that contains melatonin to support healthy sleeping patterns. The company also has a skincare line with CBD-infused items, from lip balm to salve.

CBD lovers looking to buy effective CBDistillery formulas in manageable portion sizes have a diverse selection to choose from. CBDistillery offers dosages that can fit a broad array of CBD needs. Softgels include 30 mg of CBD (both full-spectrum and isolate).

Other products, such as the disposable vape pens, offer 200 mg of CBD in a variety of flavors, including ‘Lavender Vanilla’ and whimsically named ‘Granddaddy Purp.’

The hemp-derived CBD powder comes in two options: 99% CBD Crystalline Powder from Hemp and CBDelicious Formulation Powder from Hemp. Each formula contains 0.0% THC. Customers can purchase the CBDol Topical Salve in 500mg of CBD. CBDistillery lip balm is available in a 25mg formulation per tube. The CBDefine Skincare Topical Cream contains 500mg of CBD in each 1oz tub.

Official Site: CBDistillery

CBDistillery FAQ

Where is CBDistillery located?

While CBDistillery is headquartered in one of the first states to tackle CBD: Denver, Colorado.

Where To Buy CBDistillery?

CBDistillery is available online at thecbdistillery.com. They offer excellent customer service options, including operating hours from 8 am-5 pm. However, they also have a network of retailers. You can purchase CBDistillery products from a variety of locations across the United States.

These areas include convenience stores, pharmacies, health food stores, and many other shopping facilities. It’s easy for consumers to type in an address or city and find a list of retailers in their area.

CBDistilery does not offer world-wide shipping at this time and their products are available only throughout the United States. The company believes in prompt processing. In fact, orders are processed within 48 hours after payment is received. Shipping options include USPS, UPS, and DHL.

How Does CBDistillery Extract CBD?

There are a variety of extraction methods in existence that are proven to produce optimal and quality CBD.  Many consider the CO2 or carbon dioxide method of extraction to be the industry’s leading process to obtain top-notch CBD. Because of this, CBDistillery uses this extraction technique.

This method includes the compression of carbon dioxide at intense pressure. This eliminates the need for harmful elements like butane and other harsh chemicals. Because of this, it ensures that a higher percentage of CBD can be extracted.

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