CBD : when the cannabis is the symbol of the system in cosmetics

The CBD new molecule after the Cannabis sativa, crazy the cosmetics industry. And it is very laudable, and it is the opinion of Selena Gomez !

26 000 : this is The number of scientific studies on the cannabidiol published since 1940.

That is what it is ?

Code name of the cannabidiol CBD is a molecule that is present in some varieties of cannabis, such as hemp. In contrast to tetrahydrocannabinol, THC, derived from the varieties ” recreational “, the CBD does not glide, it has no psychotropic effect. Therefore, it is perfectly authorized.

Why is buzze ?

Even if it is legal, the CBD gives the illusion of flirting with the forbidden, which makes us tickle the neurons. In addition, their natural origin is in connection with the trend of green current. Oil, cream, dietary supplement, CBD, landed in the rays of beauty and well-being, and is even the subject of shops entirely dedicated to him, particularly in the united States.

What is its effect ?

The CBD makes it more cool. The mind as well as the skin ! Acting through specific receptors present at the level of the nervous system and the skin tissue. Orally consumed, calms the mind and reduces inflammation. In the skin, is also omitted the inflammation and reduces oxidation. In clear, calm, and combat assaults. Open the eye, the products based on the hemp oil does not contain all of the CBD. In this case, are especially nutritious, and repairers.

How to use it ?

The molecule of the CBD love the oil, so that it is often in the form of a concentrated oily, which can be found. Mix a few drops of these super-serums to your usual cream or use them alone, in the night, as a night care. In periods of intense stress or sleep issues, we think that dietary supplements to adopt in the form of capsules or drops, adhering to the dosage indicated.

It is for me if :
– I have sensitive skin, prone to redness.
I’m addicted to the natural.
– I love to experiment with the novelty.
– I’m notch !

Our list of reproduction in the home

Rich in fatty acids omega 3 and 6, this hemp oil contains very little CBD, but has a great power, softens and gives shine to the dry skin.

The oil Multi-Restorative Night of Hemp, 12,90 €, Garnier Bio first in the System U. SP

100% of natural origin, this is a hemp seed oil infused with CBD. Recommended for skins that blush and those prone acne-prone, sensitive or damaged.

CBD Reinforcement, 16 €, Bybi in Sephora. SP

When the depression of the skin is advanced, this cream offers everything you need for the skin : CBD’s antioxidant hyaluronic acid-plumping and argan oil regenerator.

Cream Face Anti-aging CBD, 29,90 €, long Live the Swiss aliveswiss.com SP

To relax and sleep like a baby, is used 1 to 2 of these capsules of coconut oil infused with a pure strain of the CBD. Made in France, that are certified organic and GMO-free.

Capsules CBD, 10 mg x 30, 35 €, Sobari in Sobari.fr

Double employment, this serum is very well balanced in the CBD and in the extract of micro-algae, can be used in a dietary supplement. At bedtime, under the tongue, that promises sweet dreams and, in the epidermis, the skin of the gun to the alarm clock…

The Antidote to this, 10 ml, 46 €, Ho Karan. SP

Cocooned in the softness of the skin, this concentrate combines the soothing and anti-redness of the CBD to the effect, firming and coup the costs of the hyaluronic acid. Ideal in anti-aging.

CBD Super Serum, 87 €, Aurelia ohmycream.com SP

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